I heard rumor which I hope is not true that a few of your employees at your Cleveland Ohio store on Brookpark Ave. have come down with corona virus.

What are you doing to protect the public. Most stores have put it out on the news and shut their store down to disinfect it. what are you doing to make sure this doesn't happen again. Do you take employees temperatures when they come to work.

do you ask questions of your employees if they have been around anyone with covid 19. I would think as a responsible company you would do something. to protect both employees and customers. I also spoke with a couple of your employees who said they didn't know anything about it and seemed very shocked about the news.

Do you NOT tell people about this so they can protect themselves and their loved ones at home who may be at a high risk .. Please do the right thing.

I would hate for the news stations in my area to hear about this and give you guys a bad name. I love Menards and am so happy you came to the neighborhood.

User's recommendation: No response from company and I can only assume that employees have not been told yet nor has company disinfected the cashier area since they did not respond with their actions .

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Location: 7700 Brookpark Road, Brooklyn, OH 44129

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