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Your Manager Clarence at your Big Rapids location was rude to me and also made me wear a mask due to the COVID-19 well my doctor told me not to

User's recommendation: Stay away the manager.

Preferred solution: Manager removed from management and mask gone.

Menards Pros: Huge variety.

Menards Cons: Lack of knowledge by support staff.

Location: 14777 215th Avenue, Big Rapids, MI 49307

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You are just mad because it was hot in the parking lot as you posted your complaint Karen. Open your own store.


Didnt u already make this comment?


The manager and all the workers there deserve a RAISE for constantly put up with whiny little Bs like you, pretending a face mask is too dangerous to wear in your, allegedly, fragile health condition... I'm elderly and have COPD.

While I do find wearing a mask to be terribly uncomfortable, it doesn't interfere with my oxygen machine at all. EVERYONE who's healthy enough to make it all the way to the store CAN wear a mask, they just don't want to.


sHe wasn't being rude to you. He was just trying to get the fact through your thick head that if you want to shop in a Menards store you need to wear a mask NO EXCEPTIONS. If you feel that your health is so poor that you can't wear a mask while shopping have someone else pick up what you need or shop on-line.

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