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all fans was in the wrong spot. paid alot more than I thought management didn't care or want to help

User's recommendation: double check all prices.

Preferred solution: Price reduction.

Location: 5806 State Street, Saginaw, MI 48603

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All the fans are zip tied to the shelving so doing a switcharoo by the customer would take minutes cutting the zip ties and remounting the fans to the shelfs. The issue was the store staffing either never adjusted the price tag when they inflated the price, or or the tag was misplaced when they set up the display.

Also per Michigan price scanner law " IF an automatic checkout system (scanner) charges you more than the displayed price of an item, AND: The transaction has been completed AND You have a receipt clearly showing the item purchased and the price charged for it. THEN, you have 30 days to contact the store (either in person or in writing). If you have found an error and have your receipt, the store may refund you the difference in pricing plus a “bonus” of ten times the difference.

The bonus must be at least $1.00, but may not be more than $5.00. " Of course menards feels their above and exempt from all laws


You should not get a price reduction. Stick to buying a fan within your budget.

@Ruffin Jwq

i never said I could not afford the fans. I was shocked of the $15 increase at check out.

@Kelly V Tff

If you could not afford the fans why are you asking for a price reduction. That is being dishonest. Did your parents not teach you better?


Are you saying it would be ok to have a friend go down the aisle in front of you and move the fan you wanted to a lower priced spot and expect them to give you the fan at the lower price? Doesn't work that.

way. Products get shifted from time to time.

The stores should get the proper price for their product. Bet you wouldn't complain if the price rang up lower than you expected.


Of course they would not complain if the price was lower. They have poor morals and ethics. Their parents raised them wrong.


I would never have a friend change prices. I have also told management when it has a lower price.

it was more about the management bring rude then anything else.

I spend a lot of money at menards due to renovation. I just wonder how many times this happens where the prices are wrong

@Kelly V Tff

It's obvious you couldn't accept what the cashier told you and you just wanted to make a stink otherwise a manager would have never been involved.

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