I purchased klearvue brand cabinets from menards. No one told me that these particular cabinets had to b assembled.

Its caused me multiple delays w contractors. I went and spoke to a manager at the store i purchased them from (Taylor, Michigan) & asked what he could do for me. (With an attitude, like i was inconvienancing him). He told me i cant do much of anything for you, but you can take some of these contractor papers below here, & look at what all they offer; i also had made MULTIPLE trips to that store to get a copy of my floor plan/cabinet diagram & they told me that they were unable to print it out because they needed the initial paperwork from my purchase (which i had misplaced, which was the whole reason i was there), in order to access it, because of a special # that was ONLY on that paper.

THAT mind boggled me; THEN i e-mailed an address that said it was menards corporate & the preson who replied (Ray), called me a liar about klearvue cabinets needing to be assembled. His exact word he used was bologne. Again, Im MIND BOGGELED. Im reaching out with the hope that some1 can help me and fix these issues please.

Thank you. Rick Diamond

Location: Grand Rapids, Michigan

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We are currently dealing with the same problem. They act like they’re doing you a favor and inconveniencing them in their time to help you fix their mistake.

Half of our order was damaged six pieces were missing. They told us they wouldn’t charge us for another delivery free for their mess up, that’s what they could offer for wasting my time and money with contractors. Don’t ever ask for a discount, that’s like asking them for your first born. I can send you photos and show you all the damage, they did to our 7k cabinets.

These cabinets are junk and so is Menards ! That’s why you save BIG MONEY, when you shop Menards.


Klearvue's instructions suck. I can't even find a video on YouTube for the first cabinet. Never again


I’m pretty sure it’s laid out in there stores showing the different installation steps required for it to be complete


They are an RTA item similar to IKEA. This allows for a customizable kitchen, and saves money.

This should have been explained, but also the ordering paper shows all listed parts needed to make each cabinet. Unfortunately, the team member may not have explained or stressed this enough.

But Menards doesn't have installers or anyone to build them for you. Im not sure the solution you are looking for.


Solution would be to return this do it yourself generic erector set for a full 100% refund and take your business to place that provides proper customer service.


What exactly are you wanting Menards to provide for you to solve this issue?


It might be a good idea to advertise them as ready to assemble. Just looked at their ad that came out yesterday for Klearvue cabinets. There is no mention of the fact that you have to assemble them.


Unfortunately, they are a product similar to IKEA, but the boxes are already done, saving you sometime. But what issues are you looking for them to fix. Or how what would you like them to do?

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