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If like confirmation of company policy regarding denying entry to people not wearing a mask even if they have a medical exception.

Location: Chicago, Illinois

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How does having a "medical" exemption prevent you from spreading the virus without a mask should you have it? If you can't be socially responsible and wear a mask for the few minutes you are shopping in a store just stay home. They don't want you in their store exposing their customers and employees without a mask.


Menards doesn't have any exemptions at this for any reason. If want to shop physically in the store, you need a mask.

This if for both employee and customer safety.. Otherwise, they offer various other options to shop with them, via online or phone in to purchase products.


If you supposedly have a medical exemption, you probably shouldn’t be out anywhere in public! Everywhere requires a mask not just to protect you, but others you come in contact with. Quit being so selfish!


That's just not right! If you have a medical exemption then you should be allowed in. Every other store allows for medical exemptions.


Call Menards to find out

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