Corporate and local services are terrible! Tried to call corporate after trying to get help on a order place May 11 ,2021 with not luck.

I was not able to call corporate to voice my concerns but it sent me t this stupid *** site to type in my issue. I have spent over $7500 in the last 3 months to only to be treated like this.

I noticed your customer service ratings was as low as it could get! So please get your act together because I enjoy your store and prices.

Thank you

Eddie Welch

User's recommendation: I need to cancel order from almost 3 months ago .

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This isntba menards supported site. Just a place to voice concerns you my have in a public forum


Your complaint might have more validity if it included information about what you had ordered. What would you expect to gain by calling the corporate office?

If they had someone answering customer calls it would be a low level "customer service" person who could do much more than look your order up on the computer. The person who can do the most for you is the department manager in the area of the store you placed your order. They can contact the manufacturer and check the status of your order. You must keep in mind that you may not get the answer you want.

With the things that covid has done to the manufacturing and shipping process over the past year there are delays on many products. Unfortunately the customer and the retail stores are at the mercy of the manufacturer.

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