Harrisburg, South Dakota
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Sunday was the last time I will go to Menard's. My husband and I are 35 year home re modelers. with 4 adult children we have taught.

Lowe's and Home Depot both have electric mobility. Two years ago I fractured my femur and can only walk a block. But have continued to be the GO-FOR. While I prefer Menard's, it is not worth it.

I have politely asked for electric mobility every time I go and struggled with that non functional piece of *** wheel chair that lacks the independence I need. I asked several assistants how often people ask for it. "At least 10 times a day. " Well I will no longer ask. I will drive the extra 15 mile any day, So now you will only have 9.

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What would happen if you crashed into an end cap or aisle and merchandise fell on you? Your fault.

What did people ever do before "electric carts"? They used a wheel chair or had freinds to help them. I'm guessing the freinds thing is an issue for you. The ADA states resonable accomidations for disabled shoppers.

Having wheel chairs and offering to help you shop is very reasonable.

Let it go. Dont crash.


exactly get your own dam scooter woman




It amazes me everytime I hear something like this. I'll ask the same question I always ask-How do you get around the planet the rest of the time when you are not at Menards???

Seriously. I assume you leave the house at other times of your life to go somewhere other than Menards. Does every restaurant,gas station,supermarket,shopping mall,etc.

etc. on the earth need to have a scooter for your personal use??


for the love of god, buy your own. if you can't afford it, go through insurance.

QUIT RELYING ON STORES TO SUIT EVERY STINKING NEED!! in america, we are supposed to rely on ourselves to find solutions to our problems. is it menards' fault you snapped your leg?

no, but it's your fault if you choose to pay higher prices and receive crappier service at some other store because you are unwilling/unable to get a dang electric scooter on your own. shame on you.