I was recently hired at menards. I know Im new and haven't had time to get a real feel for the company, but I read the reviews and still decided to give it a shot.

For those who think as a manager 2700 hours in a year is impossible clearly have trouble doing math bc 2700 in a 52 week year is roughly 55 hours a week which if u ask anybody who has ever had a management position is pretty typical. I can say at least Menards pays managers an hourly wage so those extra hours you are getting time and a half. My old job was a salaried position so those weeks i worked 50+ hours I got the same pay regardless and it amounted to be less than my hourly employees wages. As far as bad treatment, i am a firm believer in people will treat you how you allow them to treat you.

If your quiet and shy or a pushover, theres always going to be someone who tries to take advantage of that. My first 3 days were spent reading policies so if you dont pay attention or dont know the policies and get fired for violating one is it really the companies fault? If you dont like how a company is being run then it is your responsibility to find another job you may like not expect the company to bend to how you want. I worked in the hotel industry before this, and we had good properties, and we had badly ran properties, so to judge the company as a whole bc you had a bad experience at 1 store is unfair.

Not all managers are bad, but i would agree that not all management are great. I have noticed a little favoritism and maybe a little unprofesionalism here and there, but it doesn't affect me bc I know what my objectives are and the moment someone comes at me with unproffesionalism they will know immediately that I won't stand for it and whatever repercussions there are I will take with a clear conscience. For those of you that want to just ridicule commenters on here for bad spelling or grammar you're probably the *** these comments are about!

This tread is to give insight and possible help someone makes a decision so just post your experience there's no need to ridicule and bully other people bc of theirs theirs. good consc R yourselfeDecide fo

User's recommendation: Decide for yourself. Your expirience will be your expirience not anybody elses.

Location: 3545 Court Street, Pekin, IL 61554

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