Cameron, Wisconsin

Every time I go to Johnny's I leave pissed off. It's like everyone there is clueless.

Last time I went there my dad bought a few items and one of the items was an electrical box as we were walking out we both thought the price was extremely high. Come to find out they charge him for a case of them. They screw up just about every time I am there. The staff is rude, there may be a handful of employees in the store that actually know what the *** there talking about.

Hey John quite being a cheap *** and pay a decent salary maybe you will have people other than *** apply.

Greedy ***! I wish we had a Home Depot.

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Wow...Clueless, you are an as$hole. Not only are most of the employees educated, but they're smart enough not to put up with your attitude.

Mistakes happen. Where do you work?


Unfortunately Johnny has had to lower his wages to the levels Home Depot pays to remain competitive.


home depot is even worse, dude. are you on drugs?


With over 3,000 transactions a day I can't believe a mistake could be made. I'm sure they fixed it for you.

Sounds like it is someones time of the month... you could work on your spelling and grammer as well.

I'm not sure who the *** is here... :p :p :p


Some say he was a decent man. Some say there was no good in him at all.