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We drove to Bloomington, IN, from our home abt 1 hr away and looked at a Yardsport Utility Vehicle. We decided to purchase the top of the line one.

We returned home to get our truck to haul it in, and called to tell store we were on our way up to pay for it. When we got there we were told that it had just been sold and that there were no more of that model to be had. This caused us a lot of wasted time and gas.

Since they knew we were on our way they should not have sold it to another customer. So much for customer service!

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Oh please consider yourself lucky!!! I hope that you didn't get one!

They are the biggest pieces of *** on the market. I made the mistake of purchasing one. I got it June 3, 2013, and this was after it had been in the shop for a few days---'so they could make sure it was running perfectly for me'. 30 minutes I was on it and it stopped running.

There were loose wires, a loose connection on the throttle cable, and I don't know what else. So made my Rep come get it and take it back to the shop. 3 days later it came back and I had trouble starting it, every time I ran it. Flash forward a week and the battery was dead.

Jumped it with my truck and after about 10 minutes we had battery but it wouldn't stay running. When I tried to return it, I was told it isn't their policy to take them back---of course not---because they are *** and they know it! Now they have had it 3 weeks, hardware manager, store manager and mechanic all tell me it has run perfectly, popped right off, for the last 3 weeks. Get to the shop to pick it up---it won't start!

hahaha--I laughed till I peed my pants. Mechanic got pissy, said it has 'popped right off' every day for 3 weeks. Okay---so that's why it won't start now??? After 10 minutes of me laughing at him because he couldn't get it started, he gave up and pushed it onto my trailer just to get me out of his shop.

DON'T BUY THEM. THEY ARE JUNK!!! I have been told they are a John Menard design and of course he owns the company that builds them. The mechanic told me he had worked on about 40 of these and they had a lot of trouble with them.

I have been told the company that puts them together doesn't know how to assemble them properly---don't care what the problem is---THEY ARE JUNK. DO NOT BUY ONE!!!


I am a cashier at one of the Wisconsin stores. If someone comes to my register with $5000 in cash before you do, I'm selling it to them. ZERO QUESTIONS ASKED.


Had the same problem with a door. Ordered & paid for it in the store.

Went back later to pick it up. They had sold it.

Had to wait another week for them to get another one in. They were very apologetic, but it was a real waste of my time, & couple of extra hours drive-time.


Hank you are downright ***! You paid for it...

This person did not.... I hope you can figure out the difference now.


you cannot expect them to hold items for you because what would happen if you said you were coming but did not end up showing up, then they would have lost a big sale because you were supposed to pick up the item but never showed. you have to pay for it before its yours and you were beat to the punch. holding an item is a bad business move because it slows sale rates down.


Why ask for their name, they'll just give you a false one.


Unfortunately there are quite a number of people in the store that can sell any item. Until it shows being sold in the computer it's available for sale.

For all you know another salesperson was selling it while you were on the phone. Best thing to assure it will be there for you is to buy it.

Call in the order or better yet see if it is online and buy it with the pick up at store option. That way you will have a confirmation it has been pulled and will be ready for you.


It's against Menards policy to HOLD ITEMS FOR ANYONE! If you wanted the item you should have paid for it while you were there or over the phone.

It's first come first serve. Calling to say you're on your way means nothing.


I always get a name of the person I speak with and give them my name and number and ask them to hold the item for me and they always have it is usually waiting at customer service they will sometimes give me a by the end of the day time limit but I have never had them sell it before I arrive to get it. I hope you got the name of the employee you ask to HOLD it...if that is what you did and I hope you gave them your name too..otherwise how are they to know that the people that bought it aren't the ones that called and said they were on their way to buy it...think about it. Did they not allow you to purchase it and return to pick it up later?


You could have put a deposit by credit card or apid for it,. Get real first come , first served. No deposot they have no obligation to hold it for you.


Exactly. I sold tons of stuff myself and in most cases when people said "we are on our way" it means "we are still looking around".

First come first served. If you are serious then put down a deposit.