Madison, Wisconsin
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This was my first year buying a Christmas tree at Menards because I heard the they were reasonably priced. I have never in 40 years have had any problems maintaining a Christmas tree's life. I got my tree at the Brown deer store and it died two weeks after i bought. Was told by the manager " oh well that happens " he would not let me return the tree even with the receipt. Will never purchase another Tree from your store ever again.

Donna Lex


5551 N 95th ST

Milw. WI

Product or Service Mentioned: Menards Manager.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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You said you went for low prices, well you get what you pay for.


Having a christmas tree die is the last thing i'd worry about at the menards store on brown deer road. The store is located in a extremely high crime area where not only a whole shopping mall failed but so did the local stores including best buy, walgreens, pic n save grocery and wal mart, with target closing down their store in a month.

A contractor acquaintance of mine had his box truck broken in the store parking lot in broad daylight into while he was in store 10 minutes despite the fact they had a security car circling the lot.

The manager basically passed the buck telling him to call the milwaukee police department who were overburdened by more important issues then auto burglary. Take your business to a safer retailer where customers are appreciated.


It sounds like you are trying to blame Menards for the acts of a criminal. It's the neighborhood that has safety issues, not the retailer.

It's unfortunate other retailers are running scared and not staying.

Things will only get worse with abandoned areas left for the low life to run loose. Maybe Donald Trump would have an idea of how to round up the criminals in the area and what to do with them.


Perhaps the other stores as previously mentioned including a whole 1,000,000 square foot 2 level shopping mall, wal mart store built in 2002, walgreens store, pick n save built in 2006, target, best buy, as well as stores such as dunhams sports, big lots, value city furniture opening in 2005 to 2008 all closed up because of safety of the staff and general pubic. You should be able to go into a store without worrying if your car is going to be vandalized when you return a few minutes later or just be gone all together, or feeling like you need to wear a bullet proof vest with a CCW license just to buy a paintbrush and tape, or be panhandled endlessly when entering this menards store, not to mention the endless sea of seagull feather and garbage that surround the property.

Only stores surviving in the immediate area are cell phone stores, dollar stores and fast food along with this lonely menards store that never should have been built in the first place despite the rock bottom deal they got on the property. Gee I wonder why everyone else is abandoning ship even with dirt cheap rent..............

could it be criminal activity and police response time at a snails pace? If this menards store relocates to the north shore part of milwaukee or mequon area Id go but otherwise the low life part of milwaukee can keep bringing this store to it knees.