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My husband was just splashed by a bottle of bleach which one of your employees dropped. The bleach splashed on his back covering his head upper torso and lower torso.

He had to run in the bathroom to wash his face because his ears and face were burning. There were no paper towels available in the bathroom. When he came out his clothes had been bleached on the back back and he smelled like bleach. At your service counter the lack of concern on the part of your employee amazed me.She asked if he wanted to fill out an incident report.

Furthermore she asked if he want it to just report or have someone call him. In the meantime he is standing there itching and burning. When I asked if they could provide shirt to changed right away she emphatically responded she could not do that. Her demeanor and behavior, no clue on how to handle such a situation considering that Menards handles so many chemicals, leads me to believe there is a serious lack of training.

Tell me, should I have called 911 to have my husband treated or should I call Osha and report the fact that no adequate hazmat handling is implemented in your store. My husband at this moment is in the bathroom showering to get the bleach off, the clothes are no good but most of all, the potential for a serious injury was mishandled by your employee. Luckily for us we live around the corner. If he is still burning later on today I will encourage him to seek medical attention.

In addition this makes me very apprehensive about coming in to a Menards store due to safety concerns.

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no menards team member cares for your husband only you did you should handle the situation not menards. you stood there complaining as your husband was being burned, sounds smart to me.


burnt my *** with bleach once at Menards they were very caring and soothed it


I have a bottle of bleach at home & all it says is if spilled on skin is to gently wash affected area with water. I am not a dispatcher or emergency responder. I just have common sense.


Boy I'd feel so bad if I was the kid who dropped the bleach. He/She should have taken as much care of him as possible and made the front office employees act more urgently.


Funky cowgirl, I am an emergency responder and whether you like it or not, large amounts of bleach on the skin, whether directly or soaked through your clothing, causes CHEMICAL BURNS. The decision on the severity of the injury is not yours to make as a dispatcher but the EMS or Firefighter who would be first on scene furthermore judging by the original message the gentleman was already showing indications of a chemical burn and lack of an emergency response on your part could result in a lawsuit that you would be involved in.

Using the bathroom facilities to try and wash off the bleach would not supply sufficient amounts of water as an emergency shower. ALL EMPLOYEES are required know where emergency eyewash stations and emergency showers are located not just management.


It's bleach. Did it get in his eyes?

The people that work with the money are ***, you can't expect anything from them. The store manager should have came over and assisted you, because of that I would call Eau Claire (Menards Headquarters) and complain about how the store handled the situation. The cashier will probably get fired and the store manager will probably get fined a big chunk of money.

And you will feel like you did something. Congrats.


Brea - fyi, I've worked at a 911 dipsatch center for 20+ years. I admit, I have no direct knowledge of Menards policies.

Most businesses have very standard procedures for these type of incidents. While the store may have lacked compassion for the incident, they did nothing criminally or legally wrong. This incident is in no way a 911 emergency. This call would've been put on hold & shuffled way down the priorty list.

Many things much, much more important. Armed robbery, rape, assault, cardiac arrest, choking, accidents with known or unknown injuries. Just sayin. The guy had bleach spilled on his neck, not toxic waste.

Pretty common knowledge on how to deal with that. We as dispatchers would've treated the incident with professionalism, but would've been rolling our eyes the entire time.


Funky must work for this *** empire. The lack of concern fits right in with Menards ersatz 'policies'.


34911 wouldn't have been able to tell you anything your husband didn't figure out on his own, as far as washing the bleach off. MSDS & bleach bottles both indicate to wash off bleach with water.

Your husband did that. Medically there's nothing else for Menards(or any other business) to do at that point. Not sure if you expected people to come out in hazmat suits & spray down your husband with lye or something. While Menards does sell showers, there are now shower facilities actually hooked up at the store.

There would have been eye wash stations available if he would have gotten it in his eyes. You can report to OSHA, but Menards didn't actually fail any regulations by your story. OSHA requires all employees to have safety training(basic video & follow up quiz).

IF you and/or your husband filled out an incident report form, I believe Menards insurance would cover any necessary medical care & damage to property(his clothes). If you chose not to fill out the form at the time of the incident, your only hope is to try to pursue civil damages through small claims court.