Dallas, Texas

So I went to Menards while visiting my in-laws for Thanksgiving in Green Bay...go Packers! I bought several things and filled out the rebate for a tune of 50.00.

I received it in the mail and it's a credit to use at the store in Green Bay. I live in Dallas. So now I will jont down to the post office, buy a stamp and send it to my father-in-law because you can't even use the the thing on line. Who does that?

Not good practice I say!!!

Just silly!! I will never again buy a thing nor will I purchase gift cards for my father!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Menards Rebate.

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You are dumb, stay in Texas and don't come back up this way.


Can't you read?? It is disclosed on the rebate that you get a store credit!


What a bunch of fn whiners! Move to Syria I'm sure it's way better there!


Blame your relatives they should have informed you.


You should be mad at you're relatives they should have explained this to you.


1) You can use those rebates at any Menards location.

2)to "Menards" Green Bay is in Wisconsin... nice try though


Em, there are no Menards anywhere near Dallas.


You can use those rebates at ANY store. It doesn't have to be the one you bought the item from.


who wants more junk in the form of rebate


What are you complaining about. It is clearly stated that the rebates are in the form of a merchandise credit check. Menards has great prices, the rebates are an extra bonus that you don't get at Home Depot or Lowes.