Akron, Ohio

The last 3 times I have been to the Menards in Massillon, Ohio my receipt was incorrect and I was overcharged. The advertised sale prices do not ring up at the register on many of their products.

I will stick to Lowe's, Home Depot, Hartville Hardware and Ace Hardware. I have not had any problems with these stores overcharging me. Menards has good prices on landscaping product... but only if they charge you correctly.

Stark County Weights and Measures needs to take a trip out there. The staff is friendly and the place is pretty clean, but the main reason I drive down there is for the pricing.

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Exactly, check your receipt. I am happy customer of menards, it happens from time to time.

That's why you check. You spot a mistake, they fix it, you go home happy that you still saved money, you don't whine, and you live your life.


Everyone should work a retail position to know what the employees deal with day in and day out. 90% of the people will then realize how much of an *** they truly are if they had that opportunity.


What I continue to find amusing is people can remember the price of EVERY item in their cart when the get to the register, but they can't remember where they parked when they walk out the door.


Allow me to point out this could be your error! Are you sure you're looking at the right product?

This problem is much more likely your error. Menards doesn't list items as a price that it is not.

The most common problem is people pick something up and then put it back in the wrong spot, then you come along and go oh that's a great price....with out taking a closer look; then you get to the check out and find out the item was a different price.. THEN YOU COME ON HERE AND BLAME MENARDS for something you have limited to no knowledge about.