Sun Prairie, Wisconsin

Today dec. 18,2015 I purchased over 500.00 dollars in building material .Had <3> doors the same except one opened the oposite way.

The lady made us unload from cart because she seen a green tag,that end up having nothing to do with nothing. She made such a big deal the thing it was embarrassing I have spent over 30,000.00 on material in the last six months The store manger came over said it was fine

Why did she embarrass us we are in the building trade?                        David Suchomel

Product or Service Mentioned: Menards Deal.

Reason of review: manger was quick to tell her.

Menards Cons: Check out lady didnt know what she was doing.

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Same guy gets mad when he comes to pick up his special order.

"Sorry sir but it looks like it was actually sold."

"How could you sell my special order? It has a green sticker with my name on it!?!"

........Good job Patty.


I'll get you my little menards theif, and your ugly wife too.



The green tags are usually on special order products, or products that have been purchased on-line and would require a loading ticket to pick up. She was doing her job trying to identify what it was.

Looks like you got a door that had been returned to stock without removing the green tag. If you are a contractor that has spent so much there, you should have seen these tags before and have some understanding of what they were.