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Item has been out of stock for a while. Need to verify item is actually available. In remodeling in prices and need to verify rim is available.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

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If you want to know if an item is in stock just go to their web site and look. Posting on a complaint site isn't going to get you an answer.


Call you the store and insist the employee physically see the item in stock before driving, then he request he put it aside under you name. Website count is typically just a ballpark estimate which varies due to issues such as shoplifting, items damaged on sales floor, items used for “ store use “ etc.


They don't hold items that aren't paid for. If it is a smaller item that is stocked on the shelves in the store you can pay for it online for pick-up at the store. They don't set aside "you pull" items from the yard.


If I’m a customer who provides them with a paycheck and a job by purchasing merchandise, then the very least an employee at this “serve service / no service” place can do is physically verify the item item in stock and undamaged before i drive 60 miles 1 way. I’m willing to pre pay over the phone to have the item put aside for me but I’ll be d@..ned if I’m paying one cent over the listed price plus sales tax. Why would anyone pay a fee for an employee on company time to preform the very basic service of verifying stock over the phone before a customer drives a significant distance to the store?????

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