Rhinelander, Wisconsin

In these hard times you try to but the best that you can afford but what you get a Menard's is pure garbage. My daughter got me a duramax saw for a birthday gift, I put a wood blade on it and did a test cut on a 1x4, went to change blades to try a different cut and the blade retaining screw would not come out, I took it back to Menard's and they said it was my fault for being careless with my tools, I wanted to punch that little ***.

Never but another thing from those crooked sons of *** again. They are 45 miles from my house and now I'll drive 100 to get to a Home Depot or Lowe's.

If Menard's worried half as much about there customers and the quality of there products as they do about there *** race cars it might and I say might be a half way decent place to shop. I hope they go belly up and the owners lose every *** thing they own!!!

Monetary Loss: $50.

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You hit the nail right on the head, and it went straight in, so long as you bought your hammer and nails from anywhere else but Menards. Most stores don't treat customers well at all, or respect their own return policies.

The less *** they take back, the more $$$ the manager gets in profit sharing.

The stores in Green Bay, WI are a perfect example. Buyer beware.


BTW.....I used to work there.....there is a reason things are so cheap.....and even at the cheap arz prices....this store still clears 80% markup profit on each item......you do the math....garbage in...is garbage out......there is a reason reputable US suppliers will not do business with these clowns.......and why they have to go overseas to obtain most of their junk


Doesn't suprise me, most customers at the anderson Indiana store are treated just like this! LTCC your exactly correct, menards is an outlet for overseas junk.

Service does not exist at menards. I tell everyone don't buy from menards.


This just seems like an isolated incident. My store would have taken it back and let you exchange it or have your money back. It's seems as if the service counter person was just being ***.


SAVE BIG MONEY AT MENARDS.......and now do you see why....cheap *** and trinkets from china......Oh how the masses fall for that little jingle....laughable....you will never see a reputable builder even step into a MENARDS parking lot.....guess why