Middletown, New York

I had to order (1) Split Cedar 3-Rail post from Menards. A deer sheered off the post along with two sections of fencing.

I had purchased 3 posts earlier this year, Special Ordering from the Building Materials Dept. This time, I was charged $13.99 for 'Breakpack/Pkg'. Oh, the post cost $10.98. I discussed this with the Building Materials Mgr.

who said this is now Menards policy. I told them it was ridiculous to pay more for packaging than the product ordered. He shrugged his shoulders. After paying at the register, I went to the front desk and asked to talk to the store manager.

Turns out the Building Materials Mgr. & Store Manager were one in the same. I again discussed the 'gouging' by having customers pay for packaging, and on a wood post. I mean, what could break!

I emailed Menards Customer Service and received a reply from their Merchandise Manager who stated they had to add the packaging charge to prevent 'this item' from getting damaged. He stated 'The cost to protect 1 post is very close to the same as protecting 5 or 10'.

As a result of their policy and I feel insensitivity in charging for 'shipping packing material' (which by the way was no big deal-not even bubble wrapped!)I'm taking my home improvement spending to Home Depot/Lowes/Theisen's. Menards has lost a valuable customer as a result of their policy and inflexibility.

Product or Service Mentioned: Menards Manager.

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Do Not Special Order From Menards!!!!

I ended up losing $300 when I had to return Closet Doors that a Salesperson told me were the right doors that I needed...What a Scam! You trust that the salesperson actually knows what he's talking about and recommends..

Not the right product, not the correct Size, ooops! won't work. Tough, we got your money and there's nothing you can do about it! Menards still makes money whether it's their mistake or not!!

What a pathetic Company Menards has become.

Unfortunately, I had already spent over $12,000 with Menards and this is how they treat their Good Customers!

Well, they have definitely lost this Customer for good. I will Never Ever Ever shop at Menards again. I will gladly pay more at Home Depot and Lowes for their much better Customer Service.

If you really think about it, you're actually paying more at Menards with their hidden charges, deceptive sales practices and sales scams.


Dear Menard's Employee,

No one told me the packing material charge would be 'refundable' when I picked up my merchandise, wood post wrapped with plastic wrap and the cellophane stuff they have at check out. I'm not a 'whiner' as you suggest but just a consumer who's tired of getting shafted by policies that have no flexibility or logic at times.

So, the 4" damper I had to special order earlier this year that I paid $3 for I now would get charged for packaging? Just ***!


@ Logicless

I work in building materials in a Menards store. Every time I sell something special order, I tell them about the packaging charge and then let them know it's refundable (which it is).

It's usually 2x4s nailed together to prevent damage. Refundable when you pick up your order.

You and the original poster are the type of people that don't want to pay for a safe delivery and act like a little girl that mommy and daddy won't buy a doll for when it comes in damaged and demand a new one. Grow the *** up you dumb pieces of ***.


To replies 1,2,4 & 5. You are either low level Menards employees or just plain low level.

I spoke with one of the yard people who helped when I picked up the post. He commented that the company has already lost a lot of business because of this new policy and congratulated me for pursuing my complaint. Customers who order products online(like Amazon for posters 1,2,4 & 5 if you don't know what online means!) may pay for the shipping charge but for packaging? Styrofoam peanuts; styrofoam; bubble wrap; tissue paper.

Come on! It's part of the cost of doing business and yes, it may be included in the price of the product. And how about the manufacturer? Don't they package a product that is sent to Menards?

Do you think they charge Menards for packing material? Doubt it. If I had to pay $15-20 for the post, I wouldn't have complained if it was just that cost. And to LOLidiot-it's a wood fence post!

If the shipper breaks it, I'd suggest getting a new shipper. :x


and if there was no packaging and the post got damaged your *** *** self would have complained..you people need some intelligence..stand in the shoes of the other person


We don't make the prices at the store level. What would you like us to do about it?

We can't just GIVE you the shipping back, we're going to get in trouble from corporate. You talked to them, they verified what we said is true....come on, man.

If you don't want to pay it, don't pay it. Adios!


i got them to give my 39.99 back .....never again will i special order i was told i would get it back when placed called next day to cancle order and was told i had nothing to worry it would get it back then when it came down to it they wernt going to same guy all 3 times WTF


Don't come back we don't need your attitude.


Valued customer ha. Adios motha ***