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I got my problem resolved with John GM of Findlay store, very pleasant gentleman. I tried to deal with 2 different people at Lima store ( this was all on the phone) one was a snotty kid and the other was some woman that would not listen to what I was trying to explain and dumb as a box of rocks .

At that point I made up my mind that I was spending over $ 100 and getting no satisfaction at all. I was about to cancel my order and go to Lowes.

I don't shop Lowes, I have a Menards Big Card but after almost 3 hours of getting shuffled around and getting rude dumb people I had enough .My last try was going through the Findlay store and thanks to the people there got through to John and had everything resolved in about 10 min. I will never frequent the Lima again.

Location: Findlay, Ohio

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