Kaukauna, Wisconsin

I purchased a chandelier from Menards and took it home in a very large box. My husband came home from work at night, took out the old chandelier and proceeded to install the new one.

Upon opening the box he discovered the porcelain sockets were all broken. He was mad. He put it all back in the box and took it back to Menards to get my money back. Because I wrote a check he would have to wait 3 business days to receive a refund, which he understood.

He said that would be ok and to give him a receipt for the chandelier he was returning and he would be back in 3 days to get the refund. He was then told to take the defective chandelier back home again and bring it back in 3 days. They would not take it back and give him a receipt.

So he had to load the big box back in the car, bring it home again, and bring it back again in 3 days. He was pissed

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The check policy is clearly stated on the receipts and throughout the store. Per policy there is a 14 day waiting period for checks to clear before you get cash back.They were doing you a favor by telling you 3 days.You actually expect the store to write a note for you stating that you brought the product in before the 14 days, and want to leave it there because (A.) you were too unobservant to read the check policy, and (B.) too lazy to bring the item back to your car!Give me a break!

Take responsibility for yourself! This is the price you pay for writing checks to pay for things instead of getting with the year 2012 and using a debit card,or cash!

Deal with it!!!!!! I am constantly nauseated by the sheer laziness and stupidity of people...case in point!!!!




Wrote a what? What the heck is a check?

Oh yeah, for people with no credit, or anything else better to do except complain. Quit holding up the freakin line with checks that you "might" have the money for when you hubby races to get his deposit in on Friday.


That is the dummiest complaint ever


Well, that's a *** requirement. But, then leave it to Menard's to come up with something like this.


8) so sad stop wineing