Delta, Ohio
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I bought a chainsaw at menards today. Took it out to the woods and it doesn't run right.

Shuts off when you pull the trigger all the way. Tried to take it back for an exchange less then 4 hours later and they won't exchange it because it HAS GAS IN IT! It's a GAS POWERED CHAINSAW!

NO DUH IT HAS GAS IN IT!!!! They told me I had to tack it to another company and that that company had to deem it broken.

Product or Service Mentioned: Chainsaw.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

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Common practice. You put oil or fuel in it, its yours to repair though the manufacturer will cover the expense.


Once it is used, by law they aren't required to return it unless a factory authorized service center deems it to be defective. At that point, the manufacturer will issue a credit to Menard's and they will refund their money.

This is all completely legal. The laws actually favor the retailer in regards to returns of used products, to protect them from people from buying a product, using it once, and then returning it for a full refund. How many people do think have bought a chainsaw, used it one time for the only time they would ever need it, and then returned it for a full refund. It happens all the time.

That is why Menard's has the legal right to protect themselves. I have seen people actually buy lawn furniture for a party and return it the day after because they don't need it anymore.


They have signs in the areas they sell gas powered products telling you you have to take them to a service center rather than returning them. They aren't going to treat you any different than everyone else. Manufacturers won't take them back because too many people use old fuel, don't add oil, follow directions , etc, etc....If you can't read and understand the signs in the store you probably didn't bother looking at the manual either.