Saint Paul, Minnesota

Well, I guess Menards is now on the "Global Warming bandwagon". In my most recent visit to the store, this week, I was dismayed to see the compact flourescent light bulbs prominently displayed and the old standard, less expensive incandescent bulbs basically relegated to obscure shelves.

This bulb hysteria is ridiculous and a hoax to sell more expensive light bulbs (not to mention the mercury danger). I am very disappointed in Menards. I expect "pc" behavior at Target; I was surprised to see it prominently displayed at Menards as well. My family shop routinely at Menard in Minnesota for a number of things.

I feel so strongly about this bulb issue which is essentially a personal liberty/freedom and unfortunately, more government regulation issue, that we may have to find other alternatives. Unfortunately, big business appears to be unable to stand up to big government whenever their own pockets can be lines. It's too bad large corporations can't take a longer view of these very important issues.


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CFLs are ok, but since they have mercury in them, you're not supposed to throw them away. I have a whole box of bad ones that I have to get rid of.

Incandescents cannot be totally phased out because there are applications, in such things like appliances, that make using a different type of bulb impossible. LED bulbs are a bit expensive but if they actually can last 10 years, that's a plus.


How do you like these all knowing menard robots. I agree with you, I purchased enough real bulbs before Uncle Sam did away with them.

Hard to believe our current never lying administration, cares so much about our light bulbs. Can you say ALGORE?


If you people followed the national news or did any research you would know that incandescent bulbs are no longer produced nor can they be imported

into the US. Several years ago the US Government introduced an energy plan to phase out incandescent bulbs over time.

CFLs are a stop gap that will be replacement within a few years will be outdated.

LEDs are the best option at this point if used properly. Ignorance on the consumers part is no reason to bash a company.


I paid $20 for a bulb that promised it would light 10 times longer than incandescent. Au contraire.

It lit for a week, then...Pooof!! Done. I brought the bulb back and told them it failed to meet their promise, could I get a replacement? No problem.

That bulb lasted almost two weeks. I took IT back, and the clerk at customer service mentioned I was the third customer that day returning those same bulbs.

I asked if they had taken them off the shelves. She looked around nervously, then said "Most people lose the receipts or just don't bother get them replaced, so, no." Three weeks later, they ordered more.


I personally am not against saving energy, but there are several issues which I encountered after purchasing these energy savers. 1) they give me headaches 2) after a couple of months they fail to light immediately (a real problem when entering a room without natural light.

3) I find it harder to read under the light provided, my eyes are blood shot after several hours of reading and I never have this problem with incandescent bulbs. 4) they cost more.


If this *** wants to pay 5 times the amount of $$$ to run incandescent bulbs, go ahead...