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Save big money at Menard's,

I bought 28 2'x4' ceiling panels from Appleton West and installed them in home. A $1 in store send in rebate was advertised for the panels.

I sent in the paperwork and received a $20 in store credit. I went back to the store to question the remaining $8 credit. The clerk stated this same problem happened to another customer the week prior and what I had to do was send my paperwork to the corporate office to receive the rest. It was my envelope and stamp and a third 30 mile trip to spend the remaining $8.

After a year several panels are sagging in the centers. I intend to tear it out and use drywall. I have years of problems with this chain, am posting some here and will stop going to Menard's. I have several other complaints about them and will post them here as well.

Stay tuned.

Product or Service Mentioned: Menards Rebate.

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DS, I also am surprised at the defense of Menard's. I recently read an article by Milwaukee Magazine that called into question John and Larry Menard's business practices.

Quite telling. I suggest you give it a read. I stumbled across it today while, of all things, searching for articles written about Al Gore.

Fascinating read. I still shop at Menard's but as of today (2/2/2010), I view Menard's differently, in a negative light.


DS you must be working for lowes. lol. your halarious


if you really are a competent installer, why are you putting in "faulty" products? don't you read up on them beforehand?

there really should be no excuse for this type of thing. the smart ones are prepared to spend a little more up front because they know the time-tested quality will remain strong.

instead, people like you will continue to penny-pinch with the cheapest product you can find, then whine and *** when something goes wrong.

either buy better product, learn to install properly, or just get the heck out. your choice.


Does DS stand for dumb ***? With all your problems it sounds like you did something incorrectly, or are some teenager at home with nothing to do.


Absolutly not a moisture problem. A very controlled environment.

I keep a very expensive sportscard collection in this room. You are also wrong. I could care less about the tiles.

My point was the rebate and the hoops I had to jump through. Unbelievable.


To all readers,

I stumbled on this site and happened to read complaints from you about a business whose products and policy I had problems with. I felt a connection with you all and a renewed anger for this business, its awful policy and low class employee’s. I began to post some of my problems, and I have dozens, and to my surprise every post was targeted with a response defending this company. Several times my workmanship was criticized and they always tried to find fault in the way I did something having never met or worked with me. That is very evident on all my posts in the first replies. I know that consumers reading these replies are not buying it; consumers are smarter than they think.

So I decided to write this and add it to every post. I can only assume that these people are paid by the company, possibly employee's, to target the critics and complaints and to discredit them in any way possible. Several attempts to discredit my posts included comments not backed up by facts and also attempts to question my abilities as an installer.

It’s bad enough that 1000's of us suffer problems from bad products or poor customer service and we are left feeling cheated, but to add insult to injury and to strike out at a complaint in the fashion that these people are doing is unacceptable. I know that lots of you people can connect with me and my problems. You know exactly what I am talking about if you post your problem here. My guess is that people looking at this web site did not come here to defend places they shop, they are here to complain. So reading a discrediting reply to my posts leaves me in confusion as to who is writing it. I wish this company would put forth an equal effort to satisfy upset customers instead of using tactics like this. It would go a long way in preventing these complaints and I have several more. Time will not be good to them.



menards is a big-box retail chain with over 200 stores. of course there are going to be people with complaints.

everything could go perfectly, and yet we'd see folks who'd find something to complain about.

i bet if you did your shopping at Home depot, you'd have most of the same problems. as i said, it seems like shoddy workmanship more than anything else.


Sure, the store could have taken care of the rebate, it's 8 dollars. However, it seems that the real issue that has you upset is the sagging tile.

Every issue I've had with sagging tile has been a moisture issue.

Even the smallest amount of moisture, if it persists, can cause those tile to sag. If you look at the manufactures suggested requirements, it does state that the room must be free of moisture to run suspended ceiling tile 24"x24" or larger.


This bozo is posting over all my complaints defending Menards. This is exactly the kind of service and attitude you get from them when you have a problem.

I have not had problems with everything I bought from them. I do see lots of others like me here.


This person is attacking faulty construction because I didnt get a full rebate. That makes perfect sense. Conditions in all my constrction needs have improved greatly since I started buying elsewhere.


it seems like the conditions in your home must be horrific or something. i've never heard of somebody having all these types of problems you've had with the things you've bought. it's possible a few of the items you purchased were truly defective, but i think there might have been some faulty construction with your chouse to begin with.