Bloomington, Indiana

On March 16th at the Bloomington Menards they were playing music by Cat Stevens (now Yusef somebody). This person was denied entry to our country for funneling money to radical Islamic groups!

Why is Menards supporting his music?

I was offended by the casual use of music from an acknowledged enemy of the United States.

Do you care? Will you care when we are attacked again?

Get rid of Cat Stevens in this country! There is no reason in the world to give him more money by royalties on his music. Someone stand up to Menards. Thanks and God Bless America!

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Did you know that Cat Stevens denounced the World Trade Center Attack? Also there was never any proof that he was supporting terrorism.

He was denied entry into the US because he was a well known person associated with Islam.


Luckily for you, they sell aluminum foil and you can make a very substantial hat to thwart the commie frequencies. Perhaps Menards can put special black helicopter parking on the roof?


Winston Churchill said " A man adopting Muhammadanism is like a dog catching hydrophobia" Another nutty worshiper of contemporary mythology gone simple on himself. Keep him out of the US. He's rabid.


Perhaps you prefer the disco/house/club music that has been playing A LOT lately?

Just remember, baby,baby its a wild world...hard to get by just upon a smile.


You sir, are a f%&*ing ***. Menards has no more control over what a satelite music provider puts on their play list than they do over a radio station they might advertise on.

YOU need to go home, lock your doors and stay there. Remove all forms of communication (radio, tv, internernet) so no one can hurt your narrow minded feelings.


great post.

starting immediately, i expect you to stop using all petroleum products. why?

because the money you spend on it goes directly to islamic fundamentalist governments in the middle east, and we just can't have that can we?? i just know you wouldn't want to be called a hypocrite.

i only wonder how differently you'll live your life without gas in your car or warming your home or cooking your food. remember, you're going to be a true american patriot for doing this!