Columbus, Ohio

I paid for my $6.95 worth of merchandise at the Lima, Ohio Eastown Store with a crisp $20.00 to Cynthia who put the cash in the drawer then proceeded to give me change based off the amount she put in at $10. I very quickly proceeded to tell her that I gave her a $20 bill and she said I don't remember.

I told her that this is the reason why your supposed to lay out the money given and give the change so mistakes like this don't occur. The management even was worse in handling this situation so the cashier got a $10 tip and the management was told by me that they won't be seeing me in Menards again!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Menards Cashier.

Monetary Loss: $10.

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Being polite can go a long way. Not sure why they wouldn't have counted the drawer or looked at the video tape.

Not sure why you didn't calm down and ask them later to do just that. Sometimes we let our anger get the best of us.


The proper procedure is for them to immediately take the drawer into the back and count it, before they ring up another customer. No one lays out money anymore.......what with the customers being right in the cashiers space, and the wind coming in from the exit doors, that would be plain foolish. This could have been easily resolved!

@Lulu Biggins

No one lays out money anymore??? Wind coming in from the exit doors???

Well that would be a bad store design courtesy of John Menard. He has a real energy loss issue, costing him a lot of money. Or maybe the check out design is horrible again courtesy of John Menard. An immediate count would solve it.

I worked my way through college at a discount chain, and always layed the bill on top of the till made change and then put it in the till. No problems with wind blowing the money away, no problems with customers jumping across the counter stealing the money and dashing out the door. With the bill in plain sight, it stops all such debates about what bill a cutomer tended. I always counted the change, then counted it out to the customer.

Then put the money they gave me inside the till. 95% of all my transactions are now credit card transactions and that ends all the change issues. . I have had several clerks try to steal, just demand a manager and an immediate count.

If a manager refueses to count the drawer, the owner, or regional people are going to be very unhappy. A resturant we went to a couple of weeks did just that, Manager refuesed to do a count, finally under pressure did the count out of sight. He then came back out and said everything matched. Not enough money involved to take it to small claims court, we just do not go there anymore.

But it is stealing, shop lift in a store you go to jail. If you are a businessman you can steal from your customers and get away with it, particularly when you are in a metro area where is a sucker rich environment.


Interesting! Anonymous had a great suggestion.

I have another one you could have insisted they checked the security footage! I can promise you they have cameras right on every register making sure cashiers do not steal Menards money.

Menards even makes employees show their lunch box when they go to leave work. One more suggestion don't be rude if you expect others to be nice back :).


Usually the management will count the till and check on this error. It could have been an honest mistake that can easily be fixed. Next time, ask politely for a till count.