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Today I went into store to purchase storage totes for Christmas decorations, I was being service by a cashier who has no respect for women, as I tried to tell him the price on store shelf was different from the price he scanned into register, he ignored me totally and proceeded to next male customer behind me, I let him ring the one customer items while wondering what is he doing then he did the next male customer, I ask him why are you ignoring that I'm here in line waiting for you to finish with my order. I only had two items which were 50 Gal totes, the other smaller he put back, He never responded to me in English but spoke to customers at register in language other than English. I was very offended because he could have easily stated may I ring them and get back with you as I get a price check, He never called for assistance with price check nor did he talk to me, and it's not that he didn't speak English because he was fluent .

Product or Service Mentioned: Menards Cashier.

Monetary Loss: $17.

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The price on the shelf was for a different tote.

Did you double check the bin tag to make sure it was the product?

Because if it's not the same one then no, they do not have adjust the price because you don't know how to read




*** they don't need to pay me, i work at Menards and have for 3 years, i love the place, free money yearly and all the retards that come in to *** with that i want. So i get on here and read about the dumb f*cks talking *** on the place i love to work at and comment on it out of pure enjoyment :)


@reply to wow - are you retarded or do you just not know how to read? wow clearly stated that he/she works as an office manager at menards.


This "wow" person kills me. He obviously works at corprate and gets paid to reply to these complaints.

He replys to most of them his or her name is everywhere on here replying.

They have to pay a person to answer all these to try and make it look like its never menards fault. I wonder how many people he or she blew to get is cake job siting there answering all these.


I agree. I also work as an office manager at a Menards and if I heard of one of my cashiers doing this I would have hit the ceiling.

This behavior is not tolerated and should have been dealt with at the store. As stated above you can send an email to the General Office stating what happened and they will contact that store and reprimand that cashier.


You should email or send in a comment card to Menards general office. Menards has a no nonsense policy for this behavior. Unfortunatly the company is unable to correct the issue without it being reported.


This was not necessarily Menards fault, it was the cashier himself. I work at one and we are NOT all like that cashier.

I would've gone to one of their managers, if you didn't already, and complain. He had no right to do what he did.