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We ordered 60' of carpet from Menards in anticipation of finishing a basement remodel by Labor Day. We shopped just about every store in our area.

We chose Menards because they promised (on three separate occasions with three different employees) delivery in two weeks. At two weeks I called the store and was told that it would not leave the distribution center until 4 weeks from the original order date. When I asked why I was told a different story in the store the employee accused me of making up what was told to me and that the person who placed the order would never had said such a thing.

Customer service email was returned as "delivery dates are only estimates". Terrible customer service and lying employees.

Product or Service Mentioned: Menards Delivery Service.

Reason of review: false promises.

Preferred solution: quicker delivery.

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The employees can only give you the information they have. If a product normally arrives in 2 weeks that is what they are going to tell you.

Unfortunately as customers like you seem to assume they don't go in the back and make the carpet. Occasionally the manufacturer is out at their warehouse and it gets backordered. The breakdown comes in getting that information to the store. When you called to check on the order, the store in turn checked on it and was told of the delay.

I expect you asked 3 different people how long it would take to adder carpet and you were told 2 weeks each time which would be the normal delivery time. There isn't a salesperson on earth that when asked how long the order will take that will say "I promise you you'll have it in 2 weeks." They didn't lie to you, they told you what was normal. Unfortunate delays in orders only lead to customers who complain and make life miserable for as many employees in the store as they can. Do you actually think salespeople go around lying to everyone they meet just to make a sale and have them all making their job miserable?

By the way, take a look at your order and the expected delivery date.

It tells you right there that it is an estimated deliver date. It doesn't say it is a guaranteed delivery date.