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Bought carpet had to wait 14 days as we were told 7 days!! Now it gets better reordered carpet because the carpet we waited 14 days for was defective!!

Now they tell us they might have to charge restocking fee!! Well that went well with my wife! So eventually we slid thru that! Oh forgot ordered 27 lienial feet ended up with 26.9short!

We finally had the carpet in and told them origami shortage so make sure we got 27 feet!! Low and behold got home unrolled it my installer measured it guess what? Yep this time it was 26.10 feet!! So I guess I ordered the wrong carpet no, I bought from wrong store!!

That’s my problem, but will never go to an Menards store again!! And by the way this is in Chesterfield, Mi!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Carpet.

Reason of review: Not as described.

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This, unfortunately, is industry standard for carpet manufacturers. They assume that the carpet will be stretched (which is standard installation for jute back carpet) and cut and send it 2-3 inches short of the ordered length.

The defect may have been caused from poor handling by Menards, the manufacturer, the delivery person, or it may have just been an unseen defect from the vendor.

I am not sure of the attitudes you received when dealing with Menards, but ultimately Menards doesn't make the carpet or control the time it takes to come from the manufacturer.

to Anonymous #1432136

B.S. The carpet should have been cut to the full length.

Either the counter on the cutting machine needs to be calibrated or it wasn't making proper contact with the carpet. No excuse for 2 wrong cuts.

The 7 day lead time is for carpet stocked in their warehouse. Too often things get pulled for shipping and sit in the warehouse for extended period of time waiting to be shipped.

to Anonymous #1432573

Is it B.S. if it happened both times? Or did the person commenting know what they were talking about and you didn't like the answer?

to Anonymous #1432806

The idea that carpet being cut shorter the the length ordered is and industry standard is B.S.. If you followed this train of thought the carpet would be less than 12' wide as well. The machines being used to cut the carpet just aren't measuring the carpet correctly.

to Anonymous #1432962

carpet is actually nominal...sometimes it is less than 12' wide. So here again, you are wrong...


To the OP: wait until the Meanrds *** enter the comment section, and say how much they love jacking off to Menards, all day, everyday! They will always blame the customer for everything, it's never their fault.

to Anonymous #1506306

Customer is always right I thought. That is what I was told working in retail.

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