Burnsville, Minnesota

To begin with, HEARTLESS, i am sure you will comment on my post. I have looked at other menards complaints and you have been on almost every single one. This leads me to believe that you are a menards employee. Either you get paid to troll this website, or you have some kind of strange sence of dedication to menards. Either way, *** and gtfo of my post.

I have shopped at menards many times in my day. Elk river and Cambridge stores, Both located in MN.

Seems to me like the lumber at Menards seems to be sub average when it comes to quality. Twisted, bent, and broken lumber is th emajority of what you find there.

Because i wanted good lumber ( want the shed im builing to stand up straight) I asked an outside yard employee if he would be willing to pull down a new bundel of wood. He replied that unless the old bundel was gone, he could not pull down a new one.

Now this may be as simple as the employee be lazy, or maybe it is a store policy. Either way I understand. If they took down a new bundel they would begine to have floor cluter.

I am netural, i took the lumber i needed even though it wasent the quality i would have liked. It would have been nice to get a little nicer service though.

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For someone suffering from PMS and complaining about mistakes in grammar, you can not even post a sentence without a mistake.

So far, Menards has been pretty good to me. But then again, I am not an Azzh0le to the employees.

That goes for All employees of other stores, restaurants, etc, as well.

Try it sometime. You might like it.


u want top lumber u pay the extra to get it from a lumber yard u get what u pay 4


Looks like you have a few mistakes of your own heartless.


Heartless checking in! I strongly dislike Menards, but I strong dislike clueless people more who get angry about things they do not understand.

The majority of the post on this website are just insane. The post on here generally lack information, have major spelling and grammatical issues. Post on here often lack insight, they do not understand why their problem was a problem. The attitude of these people I've experience first hand in person and there is no recourse to it.

We are told just to take it and calm them down so we can take more of their money, as long as we don't go against the store policy's. They come into the store treat us like we are nothing, then they expect us to do whatever they like.

I AM THE CUSTOMER I AM OWED EVERYTHING, I KNOW EVERYTHING. I've had people fight with me where stuff was located in the store that was never there, because they went to a different location and it has a different layout and their too dumb to remember it was at a different store not the store they're in now.


HEARTLESS ,is totally a "mentardite", excuse me, menards manager. Or possibly johnnie's little B**** !!!!