Austin, Minnesota
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BLACK FRIDAY, waited in line 1 hour in the cold patiently with another say several hundred more people. The doors opened, and about 50 people NOT patiently waiting their turn, mobbed the front doors ahead of everyone else.

Words were exchanged, upset people, pushing, shoving, holloring! Totally unfair !! After that, i waited in line for a check out for another 1hr., to find out that the 10 items i had just bought for gifts couldn't get a gift receipt...All because of CASH SALE..I could have had them ring each item up seperately, and done cash sale with receipt, but otherwise no gift receipts!!

unreal........get with the program Menards! This was menards in Dundas, MN...

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yeah its menards fault that people cut in line before you. Shame on menards for not sitting those people down and having a serious talk with them about manners before they came into the store. cause you know all other stores do that??????


its called black friday. get over it.


You can get gift receipts with cash but for only that one item to be on the gift receipt each item would have to be rung up separately. And considdering it was black friday I'm sure the cashier didn't wanna deal with angry customers because you took a year at the register.


That was a long time ago. Mankind has evolved since then.