Holland, Ohio
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I have lupus,emphesema, osteomylitis,& liver desease.One day while shopping @ menards ,I was alittle drowsy from a new prescription my DR. had given for a lung fungus, that was keeping me awake @ nite.

The store "securety"who appeared to be about 20 yrs.

old called police rather than ask if I was alrite or need help.

I was then accused of being,of all things,on methamphetamine!!! After telling police & the "crack securety crew" to give me a blood,urine or breath test, I was told to walk home & leave my vehicle.Menards employees are insensitve & inexperienced,& under trained.

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I think I'm missing the key reference.


Mall security personnel are not trained to recognize wthe difference between drowsy and drunk. In my opinion, the security guard should have asked if you were alright or needed assistance.

Should he have contact law enforcement? I might have just in case.

Security guards in a mall aren't paid a whole lot (average $9/hr) and in most, if not all, cases they aren't given enough training or equipment to deal with situations whereas a police officer is trained and is equiped with a variety of usefull tools as well as a dispatch to back him up.

Next time you are drowsy from lack of sleep due to a new medication you may want to explain to an officer that you simply didn't sleep well and are not under the influence of any medication or narcotic and leave out the part that you took a new medication that kept you awake. Good luck John, hope your medical issues subside and you regain your health.


Bob # 8 is a true dufus as are most of you. this person did not say that meds were in play.

I am in the same type of sinareo as this person and sometimes when having trouble you still have to live and exist.

I HATE MENARD's And would love to see them go belly up. And as for Bob # 8, I really hope that that top notch security guard (Barney(Andy griffith show))Comes to your rescue when you have a heart attack there at his store.


Colin,is your nickname "butt-hole?" If my name was Colin, I'd come up with an alias.


"Just plain ol'***" is aptly named.

Are you any relation to the Albuquerque Stupids?


CAN'T ANY OF YOU DYSLEXIC,ILLITERATE,TWENTY-SOMETHINGS READ?where did I say i was taking meds, or was incapacitated at the time? [you may need a 2nd grader to help,but,] READ ON....


By most of the responders logic,if they work late[providing they have a job]and are a little tired, or they don't get a good nites sleep and have to be at work early,they'd better call a cab, walk or bus.Nor, by the same logic,should anyone with a disability be driving,their ability is already diminished.Remember,I wasn't on meds,but merely had a restless nites sleep because of them.Further,store "security" didn't care about my wellbeing,they thought they were nabbing an ADDICT/SHOPLIFTER.While they were wasting everyones time harassing me,the ICE and CRACKHEADS were no doubt stealing everything they could shove down their pants.Finally,I'm just glad I've never had to resort to working store security or, god forbid,retail sales,because all you need is single digit I.Q. and get paid accordingly.Now I have to get some Z's.



First off, why would you even attempt to go out in public in that condition? All juiced up on "meds".

They were right to boot you and call the police.

You were a safty hazard driving in that condition. File a frivolous law suit now.


At the Home Despot on North Ave. the "employees" would have rolled your dumb ***. Meaning, they would have picked your pockets and then "walked" you outside to rot in the parking lot.


you people are ***.. i'm sorry that your meds were acting up.. they should have made some contact with you and been sure that you requierd help and not wasted the time of peace officers that could have been used to pick up one of these angry ***....again Inconsiderat *** ^^^^


I could not agree more with the above three observations.Wah,wah,wah. What the *** were you doing in menards in the first place?

Actually the security guard(oh yes, security is spelled this way)was on top of his game. What if you needed help? The police officer just might have been an EMT, trained in medical emergency response. The security guard was probably only trained in how to spot jerks like you.

He spotted ya. Job well done......


Sounds like you want a pitty party. Hope you die first before you kill someone first!


You're actually *** about someone calling for help for you? What a crybaby, I am glad the cops would not let you drive... Sounds like you need to be in a nursing home not Menards.


Thank god for that attentive Menards employee! We don't need drugged up people like you falling asleep at the wheel and maiming innocent people on the street.

Falling asleep at Menards is pretty serious. You should have your license revoked.