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Buyer beware!! no bargains at menards!

Once they have your money it's theirs. no chance of getting money back. I put a false ceiling in my home and had a Menards employee assist me with the quantity of plastic gridwork I needed with the computer software they have. The printout told me exactly how many of each piece was required to complete my room.

I now have $85.00 worth of EXTRA peices that I cannot get my money back for. If you hope to save money by buying at menards and sending in a mail in rebate DON"T. The panels I bought at Menards had a mail in rebate. The ad made them appear extremely cheap and looked like an outstanding buy HOWEVER the rebate comes in menards credit.

ONCE AGAIN NO MONEY SAVED!! Do yourself a favor and shop elsewhere!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Menards Rebate.

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many of you are simply full of ***.


I sent in over $100 in rebates over 2 months ago. Have not received them.

Will be taking the items back for a refund. Will be out half a buck and my time.


I guess he is not happy because he didn't read what they call REBATE TERMS AND RULES etc.... Everyone knows Menards usually offer rebates in the form of store credit.

No big deal.

Next time you shop is when you get your savings. I guess you could always go to a place that hs NO REBATES then you will not have anything to complain about.


in spite of all the above comments, when you buy something with a rebate, Menards is holding your money, money that you could be receiving interest on, and in my opinion thats rediculous, just charge the price you want and let me buy it but please dont take extra money that will be returned in 90 days. I need it for gas.


I hate Menards for that reason as well. If you have no need of anything else there you are screwed.

Or if they goof up and don't send your rebate you have to try and track it down and beg them to send it you. Then they try and argue that you ever sent it in the first place.

LIES! I'm doe with them.


The original post is pretty silly. It clearly says on 99% of Menards rebate forms they are in the form of Menards credit checks.

It will say cash rebate if it's cash. We recently bought a dishwasher and are currently waiting for our rebate check and will be buying patio furnature with it. I shop at Menards regularly and get the rebates as often as possible since I know I will go there again. The only problem I have ever had is the length of time it takes to get the rebate.

Anybody else ever have any issues with that? Thanks.


You have to be the dumbest person thats posted anything. If you have extra it's because you *** up.


So you couldnt figure your materials so you had someone you never met do it? You didnt have to use the rebated tile, but you did. Stop whining and be responsible.


If you turn in the rebate form before you return the items, the service desk employee is required to *** the amount that you will be receiving for the rebate. also, it clearly states that your rebate will be in the form of a credit check.

lastly, Menards does not gain anything if you fail to use the credit check. it never expires so that is your fault in not finding a way to use it.


Go to Menards and spend the dough. They are the winners if you don't utilize the credit (Menards rebate dollars).


How can you not get your money back for your extra gridwork? Unless you paid cash and lost your receipt you can look up your receipt at the store's kiosk and get a refund in whatever your form of payment was.

Also,it's common knowledge that most Menards rebates are in Menards credit checks. How is that not money saved? It's as good as cash in the store. Do you use common household items like toilet paper,light bulbs,cleaning supplies,furnace filters,etc.???

You can buy all these everyday items with your Menards rebates. Exactly how is that not money saved????