So I give no stars to Menards the Mandate for wearing a mask has been dropped one I got kicked out of Menards because I cannot wear a mask as a medical reason unless they feel like calling the ambulance for me that's 231 I told thee people there that they said I can shop online I do not have access to shopping online I do not shop with a credit debit card I shop with cash I do not have access to a credit debit card online is impossible but yet they turn away my $2,000 worth of sensing that I was going to buy from them because I was not going to wear a mask cuz I don't feel like passing out cuz I can't breathe in it so either you guys have to change bathroom or whatnot because there's no way and how I would be coming to a store if I was sick I know people do but I am not one of them I'm sick I stay home if I have the sniffles I stay home if I have even a car I stay home with this pandemic going on yeah I'm not going to take those chances but I cannot wear no mask so this company just lost business for me which is one of the people that shop there all the time until the pandemic now that I can go back in shop again I get kicked out I will be spreading the word and you know what you guys will lose a lot more business

User's recommendation: *** no.

Location: Foley, Alabama

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Mandate or not each business can set their own policy, that is their right. Menards is putting priority of customer’s health above profits, you would think people would appreciate that fact, but obviously not.


I give Menards 5 stars for requiring masks. Individuals that don't want to wear a mask for the few minutes they would be in the store should just stay home.

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