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I am a contractor in mansfield,ohio that also has one of the towns largest commercial snow removal business I am involved in a very large renovation project in mansfield and will be spending in excess of 650,000 during this work this is materials cost not total job cost I was told to give a snow removal bid for your ontario,ohio store and if it was close that i would have a good chance of being awarded the contract if awarded I made the committment to purchase all materials needed through your store in ontario, drew told me they were looking for contractor for snow season that had the equipment that could handle a lot that size. I have some of the biggest plow equipment in mansfield.What a dumb business move drew made If contract isnt awarded to my company as i was told you just lost 650,000.00 of sales in a bad economy how many people would of given you that kind of business in ontario,ohio

Product or Service Mentioned: Menards Manager.

Monetary Loss: $650.

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Oh it made me smile to read this note posted by the Village ***. Sounds like a bribe and pretty sure that such practices are illegal due to anti-trust laws. Too bad the reputation of Speck Builders has become so tarnished.


i want this article removed immediately this was not written by me and dont know how this got posted this is jeopardizing my working relationship with the people at menards, especially drew and my working relationship.


Menards is doing fine in this economy. Perhaps before you made a bid you should have researched the company some.


Menards bids out services for everything. Lowest bid wins the contract.

Why not give a bid that would make sure you were the lowest. I bid services every year for them.

Give your best offer the first time don't expect someone to give you a chance just because.In this economy everyone is fighting just to have a job. You say your one of the biggest services in that area you should have done your job the first time it sounds like.


So for you to shop at Menards, Menards must award you with a snow removal contract? That sounds suspiciously, kind of like a bribe. :eek


why buy all the stuff if u dont have a solid contract in your hands.