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Mennards - Lancaster

1425 Ety Pointe Dr

Lancaster OH 43130

We were looking for a new Bemis toliet seat. My wife called Menards in Lancaster and was told that they carried Bemis. So at about 3:30 PM we arrived.

An older gentleman (whose name I did not get) asked iof he could help us and we told him that we were looking for a Bemis toliet seat. He said we don't carry that brand and walked away leaving us to fend for ourselves.

We finally picked one that was hanging below a tag that indicated it was on sale for $11.99. When we ckecked out it rang up at $13.99. I questioned the cashier (Judy).

She called for Corey to come over. He tried to call and no one would answer. I guess the whole department went on break together. I asked Corey to follow me and I would show him where we got the toliet seat.

He asked Brittany, the front end assistant manager if he could go with me and she said NO because she was not going to do his job. She was VERY RUDE and UNPROFESSIONAL in her manner and attitude. I finally went myself and pulled the price tag off the shelf and took it to the cashier.

I won't be back to Menards. Lowe's has you beat in customer service. I have never been treated that way and I refuse to support a business that allows it's personnel to treat customers the way that Brittany treated us.

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most managers at Menards in Lancaster especially the lumber wants all men's attention


Maybe You should go and see if they have the product you're looking for instead of calling. If you do call make sure you talk to the right department.

Considering someone came up to you and asked if you needed help is customer service. You asked a question they answered it. And the bin tag was probably right but the product that was there was probably placed wrong. And the head cashier is NOT allowed to leave because the managers have to deal with other ***.

When they call back and no one answers it means they are busy with another guest and everyone else was busy too.

Fine with us we don't need your drama. :^)


That's what happens when you hire pimple faced kids to run a business.