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Update by user May 10, 2013

Wow. Really?!

You people have no idea what you're talking about! Did you even READ the original post? This item was in a BOX! Other stores (Wal*Mart, Home Depot, Sam's, etc.) were selling floor models at closeout prices when I bought this one at Menards.

By the time Menards decided I couldn't take it back (they hemmed and hawed for over 2 weeks), the other stores had already sold their floor models, so I couldn't even go elsewhere to get a good deal on a new machine. And I DID prove it by my receipt, AND the employee who misinformed me ADMITTED IT to the front end manager. Still, Menards is claiming that, by putting gasoline into a gas engine, I voided the warranty. Since my original posting, I was able to obtain the name of the erroneous employee as well as the email address for the Director of Operations, and Menards has now offered store credit for the full original purchase price.

It's the best offer I'm going to get, so I'll take it back, get the credit, and try to find a good machine next winter. The whole point is, why did I have to go through all this, when the machine was NEVER EVEN STARTED? Menards has the worst policy in the business. Google them; see what's out there!

They're criminals! And "commonsense," you should get some before trying to tell someone how something works when you know nothing about it!

Original review posted by user Apr 30, 2013

Menards sold me a snowblower that was supposed to be electric start. It was the end of the season, and other stores were clearancing their floor models, but this one was still cheaper, so I bought it, based on the recommendation of the Menards employee.

When I got it home and assembled it, I noticed it wasn't electric start. Now Mendards refuses to take it back, even though it was their employee who said it was electric start. I've asked them how to contact their boss, but they won't tell me.

When I email corporate headquarters, the email is responded to by the local store. DO NOT SHOP at Menards unless you like getting screwed!

Monetary Loss: $350.

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You put gas in it, that means it can't be returned.....that's a policy at most stores due to the manufacter.....nothing to do with menards


Looks like you only paid $350 for it anyway. What did you expect. For that price im surprised it didnt have training wheels


Menards is not the place to buy anything! Probably the worst service I have ever experienced anywhere.

Prices are cheap but so is the service, management in all areas of the store is about 1st grade level, and thank may be questionable. Top managers are nothing but robots from Wisconsin.


You see this is what bothers me. I have worked in the hardware department for 1 1/2 years and with little training on the actual product you "consumers" expect us to be *** experts on everything in the store.

Then when we are not you get pissed and throw a tantrum. Basically if your planning on a larger purchase do a little research first so youdont need to ask 1000 questions.


If it was a floor model, then no assembly would have been necessary!!! It is your responsibility to be sure of what you are purchasing-you should have checked to be certain it was an electric start model before you left.

If you truly got the wrong model and that could be proven by your recieot, then you would have been taken care of. Your story does not add up and I'm positive it is a lie.

You want to b**** about Menards, then at least find something legitimate to complain about. Get a life.


You are an ***. You should read the post before you comment on it.


So I have a silly question here...if it was a floor model why would you have to assemble it???? If it was a floor model it should have been put together and you would have seen that it wasn't an electrical start.


You are a ***. You should read the post before you comment on it.


Did you put gas into it? Once gas is put into any pushed gas power equipment it cannot be returned not matter the reason, it has to go to a repair shop.

As far as the electric start feature you wanted and buying cheap that's your fault. Electric start features do not come cheap and when they're on a item it's advertised all over to promote the item.....


Your comment is the only one that makes sense. Yes, I should have read the box more closely, but I actually TRUSTED the employee, and the machine was only a few dollars cheaper than other stores' closeout models. Still, Menards was actually trying to claim I'd voided the warranty, but after contacting Corporate Headquarters, they now have offered to accept the machine back for store credit.