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I was at the Aberdeen, SD store and looked at trellis. Next day I went back to store and bought the trellis I wanted and took the paperwork for my son to pick up after he got home from work.

He picked up the trellis, but the employee had written the wrong SKU so I got the short trellis. I returned them to the store and got paperwork for the right trellis - again to be picked up by my son. When he went to pick them up a couple of days later, he was told they were all out of them. When I was at the store, I asked how many they had and was told they had 12.

Was also told they were not able to order more for me, plus they were on sale when I bought them for $14.99 each. When I went on line to check, they were not only higher, but it said they couldn't be shipped to store so I assume I would also have to pay postage to have them shipped to my home. Was also told Watertown had some and when asked if they could get a couple from them, was told they didn't have a truck between Watertown and Aberdeen. I am very disappointed by all this.

I have been a good customer of Menards for a number of years and do not feel I was treated with fairness and respect.

Please advise! Bonnie Roeszler broeszler@abe.midco.net

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The entire problem started with your poor planning. If you're going to buy an item you should be able to take that item with you when you purchase it.

The funny part is you did not learn from the first screw up and repeated your mistake. Menards does not ship items between stores. Menards does not sound like they treated you with lack of respect, they just told you NO, which I would like to add they have every right to do.

Items like this once it goes on seasonal status is no longer going to be stocked in the store and is done for the season. You really should reflect on this and in the future make sure you have the means to take home what you buy.


The best advice is to ride over to the store with your son, make the purchase and bring it home. That way you know you are getting what you want. The unfortunately are not a warehouse to store products for people and the product may be gone if you don't take it with you, it even says so on the ticket they give you to pick product up.