Saint Paul, Minnesota

About a year ago, I bought a brand new clothes washer at our local Menards. The salesman assured me that they had my model in stock, still in the box. We arranged for delivery and the sale was made.

A few days later, the delivery truck arrives and our washer is wrapped in plastic cling wrap, not in the box. Upon unwrapping I immediately notice the washer has a dent in front, in precisely the same place as the floor model in the store did.

When you pay $500 for a major household appliance, you sure don't expect anything but brand spankin new, right? Not according to the appliance dept manager at our local Menards. I got him on the phone and he asks me "What's the big deal"? and goes on telling me that they don't have my model in stock and won't be getting any more for weeks. He then offered me 20 bucks off the price. To which I replied with "Are you freakin' kidding me"? What an insult!

Well, in the end I got him to knock $80.00 off the price which made me feel sooooo good, knowing that I took every penny of their profits from the sale. I also let the guy know that that was my last major purchase from Menards. I have not nor will I EVER make another major purchase at Menards.

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Mr. John Menard Wannabe has said it himself that what they sell is *** How many places besides a going out of business dollar store can you find tools made in China and Malaysia for under a buck! You certainly get what you pay for and that is why my company does business elsewhere.


First off, 80 bucks off a purchase like you made doesn't even touch our margins. We still made a killing off you.


Second, it makes me glad to hear that you say you won't make a major purchase from us again......after all, it's the little shi* that we make all the money from you. Thanks for all the cash, and please keep on giving.