Bismarck, North Dakota
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We bought a deck in 2013 from Menards that was supposed to be a low maintenance deck. It started out tan in color and after 3 months, It turned a pasty light grey and looked like it was 20 years old.

We contacted Menard's, the company Midwest Manufacturing, and neither one will take ownership of the fact that this decking is a flawed decking and will not do anything about it. We have gone through the BBB about this and Menard's keeps saying that there were pamphlets that we "should have" received that showed that the that after 2-3 months, this decking would "gray out".

Had we been given or shown this pamphlet, we would have never purchased this decking. We wanted tan decking and not gray decking that looked like it was 20 years old.

Do not buy the Ultra Deck from Menard's-you will be very unhappy!

Monetary Loss: $2000.

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The type you bought is specifically called Natural Ultra deck it is literally made to resemble natural wood. It is not for everyone however it is in demand.

If you don't want that type then buy a different type.

If you look at their website they offer many many kinds. Welcome to the real world an adult shouldn't need their hand held through life.


I had a similar issue in that the decking came in two loads, the first load was installed and when the next load came it was clear that the first shipment was defective. It was bowed up in the center, darker in color and was missing the wood grain, but since we had nothing to compare it to did not consider it.

The store told me to fill out an install complaint so that I could get the money I spent on a carpenter to install, then demo and reinstall non-defective boards. I placed the order in mid-May, and just got the letter back from Midwest Manufacturing (owned by Menards) saying they would not cover any labor costs incurred with their horrible product.

You cannot speak with a human at Menards corporate and I am not going to yell and scream at the local folks as they have no control over this.

While I like the people locally, I would never make a major purchase from Menards again for fear of getting stuck with the bill again.


Try working at menards, your hair will be light gray in 3 months as well dealing with clowns like you that expect quality products from a big box store


lmao, who's the clown?


I expect to have items work and last as the seller says they will.

Why would you resort to name calling customers "clowns" unless you represent the customer service attitude that Menards seems to live and breathe by.

Big Box Stores like Walmart stand behind their product and Menards needs to open up their eyes as they have so many complaints and people like us who would never buy from them again.


How is he a 'clown' for paying for a product under the understanding that it will fulfill it's expectations???!!! It seems as though you are a clown and an ***. You're what's wrong with America when it comes to sub-par standards and customer service!


That is the biggest problem! Other than airing our grievances in a forum like this to try and prevent other people from having the same issue there is not much recourse.

I had the product installed then had to tear it up since they were sending me another batch that matched. The building materials manager at Menards had me fill out a form requesting the costs for the carpenter be covered from the demo and re-installation by the manufacturer. So I thought okay at least I will be made whole.

Instead, however, they delivered half of the matching material which was then installed as they promised the other half would be in the following week.

Guess what arrived the following week? An entire load of the wrong material again! So seeing as this was supposed to be a Memorial Day weekend project, and it was now into July I said forget it and they tore up the boards again and reinstalled the darker material just to be done with it.

Now I get a letter from the manufacturer (MIDWEST MANUFACTURING - OWNED BY MENARDS) saying that it was a warranty issue and labor costs would not be covered.

So now what? I was given a BS number for Menards "corporate" which was a 5 minute recording basically saying no human would ever answer, but leave a VM and they would call me back.

That was a few days ago and I have money on that they never call back.

So again I am left with not many options other than this type of thing. Makes me hate corporate 'murica.