Brownstown, Indiana

We purchased a Remington self propelled push lawn mower. We took it home assembled it and upon trying to start it we learned that would be no easy task.

It was extremely difficult to start but we just chalked it up to being brand new. We finally get the mower started after about 10 minutes of messing with it and we begin mowing, its not necessarily cutting that good so we just chalk it up to being a piece of *** brand. We are about 20-25 minutes into mowing the lawn when the mower starts to shake rapidly so I decide Ill just go ahead and finish this small strip of grass and shut it down and look at it, all of the sudden a loud noise and the mower shuts down. We cant get it to restart so we take it to our local menards in Elkhart, Indiana.

The people at menards say no we cant return this mower there is only a 5 day return policy.....I talk to the manager and she tells me take it to a repair shop and if they say they cannot fix it than Menards will take the mower back and return our money. We take it to the repair shop, spend $35 of our own money to have this piece of junk inspected and sure enough the guy tells us that the crankshaft and the blade are bent beyond repair and that fixing it would not be cost effective. I return to menards the next day to show them the paper and return the mower and sure enough they tell me they will not be returning the mower because it was our fault and not the manufacturer.

I argued with them for 10 minutes before I finally got sick of them denying me a manager to talk to and I walked out of that *** hole with this $330 mower that I used for 25 minutes and now have to spend $350 in repairs cause menards is a joke.

Product or Service Mentioned: Menards Manager.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Well obviously you have the Internet and can find sites such as this. Just a suggestion the next time you go to make a long term purchase use the web to find a review of the product your buying.

And being the guy that has personally killed 6 lawn mowers you hit something tree stump metal cable chunk of steel curb ect. But I will agree with you that lawn mower is a piece of junk but I got mine for $100 at a pawn shop.


If you used a credit card, do a charge back. You paid for a functional mower but were given a defective one.


5-days? I don't think so unless this is a new policy there is no return on gas powered equipment once gas is put into the unit.

$330 is not a cheaper mower. Mine is only $150 and it's still running 3 years later with out issue. Your issue is with Remmington, not Menards. Menards can only do what Remmington allows to happen.

And Menards is not going to lose money because of a defective product they made. Finally it could easily be you CAUSED THE ISSUE......