Kalamazoo, Michigan
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We bought a couch maybe a month and a half ago in feburary,it was one with the lounge on the end.We got it home and started using it,and after a month the cushion on the end wont even match up to the couch it fall off all the time,theres a gap behind it.Was wondering what we can do to make this right,i would like to bring it back if possible.Please let me know how we can resolve this problem. Thank you for your moment of time to read this. thanks again.....ty ty

Monetary Loss: $396.

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Why would u post on here instead of contacting the store?! The store isn't going to read this...


cry it up little weiners! you get what you paid for!

don't be mad at a Menards because you paid 80 bucks for a couch and expected to be fit for a king! PURE STUPIDITY!


I purchased a 49$ parsons style chair at Menards just to see what a $49.00 chair "made by U S Furniture LLC" was like. I had it assembled, took a seat, reached down to get a pencil I dropped, and the leg snapped off at the seat.

Fell hard on my spine. Pain killers, MRI, back still hurts, pain and swelling in my right leg.

Made in China by a company called US Furniture. Incredible.

See all of you soon, Menards. I got hurt.


First of all menards shouldn't sell furniture, second of all why would you buy it from there, go to a furniture store!!!!

I think you complaining about it when you should have the common sense not even to think about buying furniture from Menards. Not to bright if you ask me!!!


Call the store. I'm pretty sure you can return that for a full refund with receipt. If you don't have your receipt they can even look up the transaction if you paid with a credit or debit card.