my boyfriend bought a brand new snowblower, and the cashier was rude, first of all.got it home set it up followed all instructions but it didnt work.

was told because even though we just bought it, we put gas in it so we cannot return it, we have to pay MORE money to get it repaired! I will never go to Menards again! my boyfriend who bought it asked how he was supposed to find out if it worked or not if he had to put gas in it to find out and they said 'not my problem'.

BOO!to Menards

Review about: Menards Cashier.

Monetary Loss: $350.

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use natural gas, hook a hose to your carburator and to your rear end, make sure to eat plenty of beans night before, and get to tootin

Anderson, Indiana, United States #782424

your right anonymous, menards has the worst products, customer service and complete incompetent management. Stay away from menards, shop where service is # 1, either Lowes, Home Depot or sears. stay away from the stupidity.

Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States #782309

My Name is Paul Miller and I live in Minneapolis!I won't hide like the Menards!

I purchase a brand new snow blower / Never used it and was told because I added gas they won't take it back.... how else to test something that require qas without adding gas. Took it to the "small engine" repair shop and they had at least 15 others just like the one I purchased who also added gas (joke on the customer for not doing the homeone on this product). I have spend thousands of $$ on my property and my rental properties at Menards.

Never again....

Home Depot and Lowes will match Menards prices and that is where I will shop if I DON'T GET MY MONEY BACK!

Anderson, Indiana, United States #781412

Well we all see the real *** is back in full force, let me say I quit shopping menards simply because of poor customer service, or better yet NO customer service.One day people will learn not to shop at menards, when enough people are treated like this clueless, I'm sorry I mean heartless, character speaks.

Menard store in anderson Indiana, in my opinion, has the most incompetent store manager I have ever met. I think his name is heartless too. Well, don't try to contact the upper administration at menards, it's impossible.

live and learn, shop at Home Depot or lowes.Sears has some snow blowers too, and they have a great service department.

to Anonymous Eau Claire, Wisconsin, United States #782005

Home Depot, Lowes or Sears.....Hmm someone should take a look at all the complaints about them too.

The same tools and fools shop at those stores as well and make complaints about stuff they cannot comprehend because they have never worked retail.....

You tools are foolish, I can promise if you were selling lets say a car then they totally jacked up that car and came back to you demanding a refund what would you do?Menards has every right to protect themselves from ID0ITS.

to The Real Heartless #782726

Well if you are selling a car and you know the Engine is bad and you sale it to a person on limited funds and don't know it you are wrong. Stand by the product you sale to the next person and if you know your product (car) looks good but isn't standard, take it to the junk yard and don't sale it

to Anonymous Green Bay, Wisconsin, United States #795669

And don't sail it to anybody else either, because it might sink.

to The Real Heartless Green Bay, Wisconsin, United States #795667

Ya, if I sell you a brand spanking new car, and you put GAS in it, then it's no longer my fault no matter what.Why you say?

Because I put a sign in the trunk that says it plain as day, "If you put gas in this here car it's your fault, period." So any problem what so ever and you gotta take it to someone else to pay to get it fixed.SO.....read my signs you dummies.

Eau Claire, Wisconsin, United States #780148

That guy below me is an imposter and a straight up tool.Anonymous said it perfectly.

It's also stated on your receipt. The reason this policy is in place is because people are totally clueless about gas powered equipment and jack it up. This policy is a manufactures recommendation for Menards. Menards employees are not qualified to tell it was a consumer caused issue or a manufacture defect.

If you did not cause the issues more than likely it will be covered under the manufacture warranty.Menards and the manufacturers HAVE EVERY RIGHT TO PROTECT THEMSELVES FROM IGNORANT FOOLS.

to The Real Heartless Cicero, Illinois, United States #782545

It's interesting that you have time to comment on any negative review against Menards.EVERY CONSUMER HAS A RIGHT TO STATE THEIR EXPERIENCE.

Hopefully, Menards is treating you better than they treat unhappy consumers.

Obviously, you are getting paid top dollar to defend them.Have an awesome life!

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