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I applied at a new Menards store in Wyo.After the store opened, what they had promised they did not live up too. The profit sharing they offer a employee, they has to have so many hours a year to qualify for it, they cut employees hours so some would not qualify for it.

Employees that were hired as full time,could be sent home if they did not want them to work that day not recieving the hours promised, But management would recieve more hours. You only recieve 2 .10cent raises a year, the other part of your raise is in your profit sharing, that is if you qualify for it.

In the 2 years I worked no one from management asked me to advance to the management team, showing that it was a dead end job. The treatment of employees and the poor quality of products they sell just go to show Menards is another slave driving company.

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I've worked here for over 15 years. You only get out of it what you put into it.

I am now an Electrical Department Manager. I never thought I could promote to this but I did. I could move up further but I don't feel that desire at this time. No pressure to move.

You do a good job you will feel good about working.

Sure not everything is great but what place is? Guess if you didn't like it, it wasn't for you!


Brainless *** who don't have any ambition or drive to succeed. These people are the reason this corporation is still running.

Sheep all of you that wrote its a good job and "you get what you put on" For the intelligent and future succesful people who figured it was a dead end job immediatly, good on you! Hahaha 10 cents HAHAHA


Been a menards employee for 6 years. Took a sabatical about half way through, then came back.

As a company, Menards is a good place to work. As a part timer, I was getting a raise- when I passed a basic competency test- every 3 months. Thats 10 cents each time. Not much, but how many raises to you get from other box stores just for learning to do your job and sticking around?

At full time, its a raise- with test- every 6 months. There are times of the year when its slow, and managers AND full time are sent home early. Its a way to keep the store solvent. Get it?

no store=no job=no raise at all. I got and get an extra $2.50 a house for working saturday or sunday or a holiday. There are times of the year when we are working 40 plus hours a week. Our HR works that even the stock crew, who only work 20 hours a week, make the minimum hours for profit share.

And BS, that you as a full timer couldnt make your 1000 hours in a year. if you only worked 30 a week all year, you made 1000 by July. And every year you work there, you get a jump in how much you get. Year one is something like...2.5%, year 2 is 5% and on up.

Its the only place I've ever worked that if you work hard, learn your job, and are on time advance. In this store, you can work up to your own store, if youre so inclined. But you dont get it by standing with your hand out. Its not automatic, genius.

As a matter of fact, through 6 years, working in 3 departments, and training 50 people like you....I have no sympathy for you.

If you are true to what I've run into, when you quit you made way for someone with the potential to be an asset. Anyone can say anything here, so take it for waht its worth.


to yeppers. I did quit and I moved to a different state and are working for a company I had worked for 18 years. The best move made, after working for them 1 month, I was promoted to the next level of supervisor.


hmmmm, you should be lucky to have a job, why don't you just quit if you're so unhappy?!


Yeah, it's an epidemic.