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I was in the store in the hardware isle picking up items for my husband. I had a bit of trouble the last time I was in there finding nylin lock nuts.

So this time, when an employee entered my isle, I decided to ask for help after the employee was already helping another man find an item. When I asked for help, he replied, "I just helped that one man, I don't have time to help you" in a rude manner as if I was supposed to know that he was a stock boy only (probably the best person to point me in the right direction since he stocks items?). After I found what I was looking for -by myself- I decided to confront the man. I read his name tag.

It said "Bob" and said to him "thank you for being so rude to me and treating that other man golden". He replied "you're welcome very much".

I decided since that didn't go very well, I would go to the service desk and make a complaint. When I explained the terrible customer service, I wasn't taken seriously and nothing was done about the situation.

Review about: Menards Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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If you need help finding nuts and bolts go to a full service hardware store like ACE. Big box stores aren't known for service.

They throw the products on the shelf and expect customers to find it themselves. They just aren't staffed for and kind of decent service.

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