Zionsville, Indiana

Perhaps menards is not aware tht poor self esteen in the black community among teens and young adults is a problem. As a result black youth have a common disrespect for people who look like them.

Tonight a young lady in an indianapolis store on East 38th st. was ask a product location question and for assistance in the plumbing area. She told me that the plumbing department was over 3/4 of the store large, downsize my request.

After giving my decription, she replied "that's what you should have said in the first place. I want out, menards.

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Wow this makes no sense. Maybe the lack of self esteem is due to your lack of education and ability to communicate in English. Not menards fault that your ***.


You're ***!!


What did you just say? Did this confuse anyone else?


and your complaint is you being too much of a p*ssy to handle a little frustration? wow.


You're joking right?

Just because someone got smart with you, it boils down to being black?

What a *** shame. It's a wonder why people look down on black.


Have you noticed the nastiest of tyrants are invariably thin?