Marshalltown, Iowa

typically receive bill after it's due, then make prompt payment, but due to extremely slow processing on Menards behalf, must wait weeks to card again. also received damaged goods which have yet to be replaced a month.

So Menards actually owes us, but we can't use credit card.

we are trying satisfy our customers but received damaged goods. we had to buy product from alternative company and have not been compensated for the damage which has already been paid for.

We have more money tied up in our product then we will make and can not use our card, even though Menards owes us money.

Product or Service Mentioned: Menards Credit Card.

Monetary Loss: $500.

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Typical menards way of doing business! They are dishonest and sell inferior quality products.

I had a similar situation where I purchased a special order, very low quality by the way" mastercraft" and the hassle of getting anyone to take care of the problem was worse than pulling teeth. I can't emphasize enough, go to an honest and trustworthy home store and you can bypass the after the sale nightmares at menards.


This has nothing to do with Menards. The Menards BIG card is offered and administered by Capital One, as well is the contractor card.

Your problem is with Capital one. You're not being billed by Menards you're being billed by Capital one. If you paid attention when you signed up for your credit card or contractor card you would be aware of this.

All major retail credit lines work this way. They do this just to give you another EXCLUSIVE way to TAKE YOUR MONEY at their store.

They gain nothing from interest fees or late fees. The bank is doing all the work.


Don't let "Heartless" fool you. He works and lives at a Green Bay, WI store, so he can tell you first hand how employees don't care about keeping good customers.

They don't want more work.

So just go somewhere else where they will appreciate your business. :x


Some people defend stupidity and ignorance to the death. :grin