Muskegon, Michigan

I was in the Muskegon store and there were discrepancies from the prices online from home and the prices in their system...they guy was a *** about it and said "it is what it is" and would not adjust the price of a 2000 dollar deck package order...I asked to see the manager...AJ was standing a few feet away and said "it is what it is"! I couldn't believe it!

So I went home and ordered online shipping to the Big Rapids store...a week later, after checking the website for shipping info for a few days and it said ready to ship three days in a row, I called...I spoke to the store manager and asked that someone please call the distribution center...he told me there was no other information available. He said it would be a waste of time to call the distribution center...a friend of mine ordered a 1800 dollar arrived with several defects from manufacturing...Menards won't do a thing about it! My father in law ordered new Crestline windows from Menards...2200.00 dollars worth...they arrived needing adjustment as the sashes fell down when the lock was unlocked! Menards won't do anything about it!

I bought a new entry door for my father in law...went in to pick it was beat to heck! I had to go in the back and sort thru several doors to find one that was in "new" condition! This is a store that is charging astronomical prices for new items but is trying to deliver less than par supplies! I am going to Home Depot from now on.

Even if I have to pay more I won't go back to Menards...they can keep their *** products, poor customer service, and rude and ignorant personell. I hope they start closing stores and get a real wake up call.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Website store and brick and mortar stores are two different businesses. The prices do not have to be the same and they do not have to adjust or match them.


do I hear a baby crying? I think I do.


Online prices carry no weight. All retail stores will go by the price their system tells them, not the website.

Often their website will be running a sale that the store is not running. There are no price matches or adjustment on website prices. As far as Menards to start closing stores it's simply not going to happen. Menards is thriving they open up 5+ stores a year.

Menards is quickly becoming the Walmart of the home improvement sector. Home Depot and Lows cannot compete with their pricing and buying power. Go a head go to Home Depot or Lowes, pay more for with the same level of service. I know for a fact Home Depot and Lowes employes are no better.

They have the same hiring values and principles as Menards. As far as calling the distribution center goes it just not something a store has the power to do. The stores have zero control over how things are shipped to them.

They show up when they show up.