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I live close to 2 Menard's locations, 1 in my state (IL) and another just over the state line (WI). I opted to deal with the Menard's in my state because of interstate tax issues when we were making some major renovations to our home. The majority of the material was purchased from the in-state store about a year ago, but the project is still ongoing. When I priced additional materials (basic lumber) at the IL store I looked those same items up on the Menard's website set for the WI store. I was shocked to see that the same items were priced 30-50% higher at the store I was buying from than the out of state store. These stores are less than 15 miles apart.

I believe in shopping around, but how far do you have to go? I went by competitor, but not by location of each store. This project probably cost us an additional $9-10,000 based on the price difference that I'm seeing.

The other thing that they did on a regular basis: when you placed an order for something that was a special order, they told you the price of the PRODUCT but you got a surprise charge for the special order/shipping, which was sometimes almost as much as the product.

They've also called numerous times asking if they can come out to take pictures of our house and I've told them "no". They've already profited from our labor, they're gonna have to pay us for what they might gain from our sweat.

And don't even get me started about the floor trusses. That's another story all together.

Reason of review: Price differences at stores.

Monetary Loss: $9000.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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No matter what chain of stores you shop at prices will vary by market. Prices will vary for may reasons.

Cost of transportation, cost of operating the stores which can include land prices, cost to build the building, labor costs (some states have higher minimum wages) taxes (both payroll and property taxes), local competition and the list goes on. I had an uncle that lived in Southern California who bought as much as he could in Mexico due to lower costs, he even ending up moving to Mexico to avoid US and California taxes.

You may find if you move across the border to Wisconsin you cost of living will be lower as well. You just have to decide where the standard of living is better.