Maple Grove, Minnesota
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I recently moved to the twin cities. I purchased several items at Menards and was aware of the rebates for in-store credit.

I purchased three items with a $15 rebate each and 1 item with a $2.00 rebate. I was looking forward to $47 in store credit. I followed the rebate submittal procedures and had to submit the rebates to two separate P.O. boxes.

Eight weeks later, guess which rebate I received......the $2.00 rebate! I checked the status of the $45 rebate on line, and there was no record of the rebate. Image that. Menards states in their jingle, "save big money at Menards" Just don't expect rebates.

What a scam. They just lost a customer.

I will do my home improvement shopping at Home Depot or Lowes. Whenever I hear the jingle I now sing "get scammed out of rebates at Menards".

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Submit and receive hundreds of dollars or Menards rebates annually. Only one time was there a mistake. Contacted rebate customer service dept and submitted my scan of my submission items and a correction rebate was quickly issued.


we have had larger rebates missing, we think someone at the rebate company takes the larger ones,


I have received numerous rebates from Menards and have had no problems with any of them. The number one problem with mailing something is the United States Postal Service.


I have spent many thousands of dollars at menards and never a problem with getting my rebates. Just need to follow the SIMPLE rules. Also there customer service is excellent and I would rate there score a perfect 10 !


What is wrong with you. I shop at menards all the time.

I know of someone that saved up enough rebates to go back and buy a washer and dryer. you need to hold your comments to yourself. It is like when you have one bad experience at a restaurant.

You don't go crazy and slam the company. Susan


It's only ever been one (1) PO box. always has been the same one...….


I have turned 100`s of rebates and never a problem.


I've turned in hundreds also. But, I've had 3 that I never received. It does happen.


We have used $1,500.00 in rebates over the last year from Menards. The home remodeling project has paid back in many ways.

Remember, remodeling is fun ! Lol.


maybe you could take your receipt to the Service Desk and inquire if they can help you. That seems to work for anyone that is polite.


Also have been rip of at menar ds rebate.On March 2018 at Menards in Vernon Hills IL bought LASALLE XL Jacuzzi. On Menards promotion at the time they offer in line water heater free in form of check rebate.Did pay for heater $169.Next day after purchase I did send rebate form along with bottom portion of the receipt.

After a while that rebate was not traceable.

So I went back to same store to return brand new heater for full price I pay of $169 plus tax. To my surprise store issued only $146 check an advised me to deal with rebate center as the third party .After intervention with store manager I heard same story.I insisted that I bought heater in this store,have proof of it and don't wanna deal with third party which is INDEPENDENT CONTRACTOR called REBATE CENTER.I thing it is unfair an absolutely not acceptable, will go to higher authority to resolve this issue.


I also was cheated by the Menard's "rebate" scam. They advertise a final $$$ price after the rebate which is not the final price you pay, you pay FULL price.

Their ads should be yanked and they should be forced to pay actual rebates as advertised. I also am through it's Lowes and Home Depot for me from now on.

Every time I see a Menard's ad my ulcer acts up. Liars and frauds.

@Margaret Moorcroft Wy

There ads clearly show the price you pay the rebate amount and the price after rebate. All in large print. Not deceptive in the least


I am a remodel contractor, I have never had an issue with the Menards rebates. right now I have about a thousand dollars worth of rebate cards on my desk.

I have always sent my rebates to one address. I have even had several different rebates in the same envelope.


We have never had a problem with menards rebates, have saved us lots of money. Have used in two different states, no problem.


Not happy with Menards rebates as I need to spend the $96 on the form. Or find someone to give me the cash for the items they need to purchase.


Never had a problem with rebates


I have never had a problem with rebates at Menard's. They are a great company from everything I have seen and I recommend shopping there to all my friends.


That's exactly why you save a copy or take a photo of what you sent. I've had it happen before and as long as you have proof you sent it they will make it right.


Menards will lose a lot of customers if it keeps using this 11percent off scam,they have it every other week!