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I recently moved to the twin cities.I purchased several items at Menards and was aware of the rebates for in-store credit.

I purchased three items with a $15 rebate each and 1 item with a $2.00 rebate. I was looking forward to $47 in store credit. I followed the rebate submittal procedures and had to submit the rebates to two separate P.O. boxes.

Eight weeks later, guess which rebate I received......the $2.00 rebate! I checked the status of the $45 rebate on line, and there was no record of the rebate. Image that. Menards states in their jingle, "save big money at Menards" Just don't expect rebates.

What a scam. They just lost a customer.

I will do my home improvement shopping at Home Depot or Lowes.Whenever I hear the jingle I now sing "get scammed out of rebates at Menards".


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I disagree with the term "rebate".This is a gift card for purchases at Menards!

The time limits are too short and the the snail mailing is ridiculous!

What year is this??

Sometimes the "gift card " is less than the postage but you have to mail it in the required time to use it for a loss of several cents.


The 11 percent rebates is a scam bought an item for 107 dollars not on sale. one week later went back to buy another one that I needed was like oh great 11 percent off bought one the price was 119 I said what’s with that they said what do you mean I said I bought one a week ago and it was cheaper, I did the math they tac on 11 percent when they do this that way if you don’t send it in they make even more money. Isn’t this technically price gouging, I don’t buy anything at this store unless I absolutely have to scam

to Anonymous #1427620

So before 11% sale..they change every items price sticker?Raise every sticker by 11%?

Then the next week lower them all?Your tinfoil hat must be too tight


I agree with this statement I have also sent in 3 rebate slips to the rebatesinternational.com site for a total of $37.54 in rebates and they have no record of these slips. First they said that the slips were being processed and then they were gone, this has been going on since 9/1/2016.

I believe this is a scam also and after talking to customer service in the store they said they could do nothing about it because it is handled by a third party.


Did you contact Rebate International and have them send you a replacement check? This happened to me once and it was an easy fix.


I had gathered a bunch of rebates over a course of a few months.I then forgot to send them.

Well about five or six months later I get around to sending them in, although late they still issued me my credit!!! I’m so pleased.

I even sent in a bunch of divverent rebates all in one envelope.Will always shop with MENARDS!


This is an old thread but had to comment ...

I've been sending in Menards rebates for a very long time (at least since 2000 when I started keeping track) and if you do things as indicated, you will get your rebate.In the off chance that you have a problem you can get it corrected with the copies of the rebate receipts that tell you to make.

I'm a little puzzled by your comment that you had to send them to two different PO Boxes because in my experience, Menards only uses two PO Boxes, one for their regular rebates and one for their 11% price adjustment rebate. Are you absolutely sure you sent them to the correct address?

Having said that, no one is perfect, and their rebate processors are human, so sometimes things can go awry (and don't assume the postal service even got the envelope to them, as I've had mail get lost numerous times over the years on the way to it's destination.)

As far as the few times I've had problems getting my rebates, I just had to contact their rebate processing people with scanned copies to get things fixed.

I'd guess that in the last 18 years it's probably happened two or three times and sometimes it was my mistake, sometimes theirs.

If you do any rebates (with anyone), make sure you save copies (or take photos with your phone) so if something does go wrong, you can get it corrected, but Menards rebates are not a scam.


Been dealing with Menards since 2015 when I moved to Illinois.Love Menards.

I have never had any issues with rebates being paid. I send them all in one envelope at the end of each 11% promotion. I have even submitted some past the final date listed on receipt, and I still receive my rebate.

Menards is my choice over Lowe's or Home Depot.At least I can find someone to help me in the store when looking for items!


I've always received my rebates without any problems.I even complained to customer service after making a large purchase, and the 11% rebate coming out the next week, thinking I was out and wishing I'd waited a week to make my purchase.

They gave me a "special" rebate form, and I received my 11% for a purchase made when they weren't offering it!I'll continue to shop Menards and submit my rebates.


I have over 148 dollars, coming, filed in August, still no rebate . Will not send anymore rebates in. Seems like a scam.

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