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I recently moved to the twin cities.I purchased several items at Menards and was aware of the rebates for in-store credit.

I purchased three items with a $15 rebate each and 1 item with a $2.00 rebate. I was looking forward to $47 in store credit. I followed the rebate submittal procedures and had to submit the rebates to two separate P.O. boxes.

Eight weeks later, guess which rebate I received......the $2.00 rebate! I checked the status of the $45 rebate on line, and there was no record of the rebate. Image that. Menards states in their jingle, "save big money at Menards" Just don't expect rebates.

What a scam. They just lost a customer.

I will do my home improvement shopping at Home Depot or Lowes.Whenever I hear the jingle I now sing "get scammed out of rebates at Menards".

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Must have made out the form wrong or sent it to the wrong address. Resubmit it dummy.


I have over 2,000$ in rebates I have accumulated to buy a new fridge. Never had a problem

Dickinson, North Dakota, United States #1343755

I always get my rebates and NEVER send to two PO boxes.....

Topeka, Kansas, United States #1325680

I've gotten so many rebates from Menard's.Never a problem.

Also never had a different PO box & sent them together.Perhaps you misread

Hartley, Iowa, United States #1321308

I have ALWAYS received my rebates. No complaints!

Valparaiso, Indiana, United States #1312423

Menards sucks

Mason, Ohio, United States #1311042

I am the same way, 2 big purchases, submitted all documents and never received anything. I will never shop there again. Scam Scam Scam

to Ray Ray Velpen, Indiana, United States #1325313

I have always received my rebate. Sorry I love Menards.


We've always gotten all of our rebates. I would have called the Menards 800 number. Always go that step farther before you give up.

Leesburg, Georgia, United States #1310234

I have gotten every rebate I've ever sent in. including upwards of three hundred down to five dollars. maybe I've just had good luck or I've filled them out properly but I've never had an issue.

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