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When I call this number it is for card holders.

I want actual corporate!!!!

I am being wrongly followed in the Greenwood store and it upsets me! don't shop there!!

User's recommendation: DON'T SHOP THERE!!!!

Preferred solution: Apology.

Menards Pros: Good prices.

Menards Cons: Disrespect of the corporate policy.

Location: 300 Marlin Drive, Greenwood, IN 46142

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If you have a complaint for corporate, put it in writing. They don't have phone lines for customers to contact the corporate office. There is something you are doing in the store that is drawing their attention to you if in fact you are being followed.


Announce to the undercover rent a cop that you are not into other men in a loud firm voice so he needs to get a grinder profile and he will be so embarrassed he will walk away salty. The reason menards corporate only communicates via email or postal mail is its much easier to put the written complaint in the circular file, then to have a frustrated customer expressing concerns over the telephone or worse face to face.


I had the exact same experience with a rent a cop playing follow the leader with me at menards, after I realized what was going on I walked around the every department in the store as well as the lumberyard in 15 degree weather with wind. He followed me every step of the way like a junior high boy trying to get the courage to talk to a girl in class.

Finally I went to the mens room and sure enough he literally was watching me use the urinal, I asked him if I could get his phone number so I can send him a picture however got no response. I left the store empty handed and explained to the register clerk that the rent a cop weirdo has been following me including right now to which she just said if you have and issue you need to email our corporate office. As I exited the store mr rent a cop and a store employee stood at the sliding door with their arms crossed watching me.

I took off my jacket and shook it upside down and informed them i'm not a thief. I went to the home depot across the street and was serviced by employees who were not only informed on the products they sell but actually had personal experience in the trades.


As an African American male that is exactly how feel when shopping at a store in a upper class neighborhood. I feel like I should be wearing a dunce hat on with how store staffing and flashlight cops treat people of my race. 2022 now and still profile African Americans as guilty until proven innocent and even then still give me an evil stare, it’s truly unfortunate I as a black male being backed into the corner of either shopping at stores in high crime areas and risk being a victim of car theft or robbery, or shop at a store in a low crime area while feeling like the elephant in the room.

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